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What are the characters of a good wife material

20 Qualities A Good Husband Material Should Possess For A Successful Relationship.

The qualities of a good husband material cannot be over emphasized, it’s just a human credible factors that makes one a good husband or wife material. Marriage is a beautiful thing if you actually be with the right partner, nothing good comes easy I must say but if you are willing to make it work it will definitely work for you.

Qualities of a good husband material for a successful relationship

In as much as the men wan a good wife so also the women who wants to be treated as queen in their marriage, as a matter of fact marriage becomes more interesting and fun when both partners reciprocate whatever feeling they share together and not one trying to be a little reserved in order to be more respectful in the relationship, this is actually pride. Respect is reciprocal with equal measure, the measure you give should be the same measure you receive.

One thing you should take into consideration is the fact that different people have different tastes and specifications about a particular thing, what one sees as qualities of a good husband material, another may not view it from same direction, as a matter of fact what works for one may not work for the other. So your idea about the qualities of a good husband material should be what you know will be favourable to you, your home and won’t have a negative impact on your partner.

Sometimes I get messages from women complaining and asking me of qualities a good husband material should have. Well, according to their complains, I explain to them what they can get from a good husband material or great qualities a man should have to be able to have a good marriage life with them.

For marriage to be successful, both partners must be able to tolerate and understand themselves and this means they should portray good characters. In this article I will explain qualities of a good husband material, you can also check out SIGNS OF GOOD WIFE MATERIAL.

Looks and character can be decieving before marriage, you jump into marriage to what you percieve to be a good quality and this was under pretence, in the cause of the marriage you begin to see another perspective of the whole thing, the man begins to misbehave, that’s why it is neccessary to have long time period where you study your partner to see if it’s truly who he is or just another decietful or manipulative person


Well, am going to be generalising the good qualities a husband material should have and am sure it going to touch the areas you are expecting to find solution or ideas on.

How To Be A Good Husband To Your Wife And Family

  1. He Is Never Secretive With You.

There are basic things we ought to have if we really want a successful married life of which honesty and transparency is very important. We as individuals have so many ugly situations we experience sometime in our life but we should be bold enough to let our partner aware of such no matter how ugly the situation is.

Your partner should be able to share important life values with you, as he shares those values with you, he should also be the person who keeps by them. As a matter of fact, you and your partner should always be in the same page when reaching a final agreement on something without any fight or quarrel like family rules, child-bearing, roles and responsibilities and many more, it shows he is someone who can understand you.

When he goes out and comes back to the home, he should be able to share his day’s activities with you, his plans and seek your consent when neccessary. As a matter of fact, been secretive could be very dangerous to your relationship, and you also as the wife should have ways and methods by which you can talk to your husband to actually tell you things about himself in a peaceful way, it helps alot.

  1. He Acts Matured physically and emotionally.

Any man who is responsible has the good quality of an ideal way of handling issues, a man who has great self-control and he is not moved by situations to take a negative action. There certain things that affect a man emotionally such as disappointment, arguments, stress, but the ability to handle it in a better way shows the level of maturity he has.

There are certain type of men who are aggressive, when they are been hurt outside they bring it to the home to cause quarrel that is why it is advisable to know and understand your partner very well before marriage. A matured man who is discpilned will be able to face any situation that comes his way while he still becomes the good man he is.

You should look out for a man who can handle any situation that comes his way in a responsible way rather than act like the world is crashing down on his roof.

  1. A Man Who Accept and Appreciate You For Who You Are.

We as humans have our flaws, no matter how careful you are there are certain things that has happened to you that will make you feel negative about yourself but one thing you should have in mind is that you are not the only one on the crossroad.

If someone truly loves you he should be able to love you in all your flaws both past and present this actually shows he accepts you for who you are. One mistake most people make about marriage is trying to hide their ugly past thinking it will drive the man away from them but have you thought about in the cause of the marriage the man finds out about it, will he be happy you didn’t let him know about it, I mean it will be very painful.

In as much a you want a good husband you also have to be a good wife by letting your partner know about certain things about you, been secretive could sabotage your relationship.


Appreciation helps alot in letting your partner know that she is been loved, as a matter of fact it shows the relationship is a healthy one and a healthy relationship equals to a happy life. Note that happy partners is happy relationship.

You guys should be able to pick up from whatever pieces you guys left before courtship or marriage and make amendments, have a fresh start and design your life in marriage the way you guys want it to be and forget about your past. So one of the good quality of a husband material is to be able to accept and appreciate you for who you are.

If you don’t feel accepted and appreciated by your partner, you are actually threading on a very dangerous path but when he appreciates you geniunely you will live a happy life ever after.

  1. He Is A Good Manager.

Your partner should be one who can manage resources very well and not just resources but disagreement, arguments and conflicts too. He should be the kind of person who can run his family/home very well without any contradictions or bad influence probably from friends and family members. So many couples end up real bad in a relationship because one or both partners can’t handle the relationship to make it work, and as the man, you should be able to ensure you manage your home very well.

How to be a good husband to your wife and famy

He should be able to come up with ideas that can strengthen the relationship. Comunication, intimacy, love and show of affection serve as a strong basis to any healthy relationship, couples should avoid any u meaningful discussion that will lead to quarrel or fight. A good communication will lead to a successful relationship.

One of the most important factor to a successful relationship is the ability to deal with certain things that likely happen such as managing conflicts, disappointment, anger, stress arguments and disagreement, anger, fustration and so on. There is no marriage that is 100 percent perfect, we all work to wards perfection. If you see a married couple celebrating 25 years anniversary, this does not mean there weren’t conflicts but the ability to manage it when it comes keeps the marriage going.

A man who shares every aspect of his life with you without any reservation, a man who discuses and plans with you, a man who can reason with your own side of thinking when trying to make a decision will make a good husband.

  1. A Man Who Is Trustworthy, Honest and Sincere.

A marriage without trust is dead. Trust play a key role to building a healthy relationship. Trusting someone also leads to intimacy and intimacy is a bond between two people who are in love with each other.


When your partner does exactly as he says, when he acts assertively, consistent and truthful about just anything then you should know he will make a good husband that you can actually trust and confide in.

There is a difference between fun/joke time and serious times, you should be able to know when your partner is serious about certain issues. There are some people who jokes about just anything and when they are serious you won’t know, so you should be able to know when he is serious and when he is joking. This could actually cause a conflict between partners when one is having fun with a particular situation and the other is taking it serious, that’s why you should know certain LIES PARTNERS CAN TELL THEMSELVES, it will serve as a guide to know when to be serious and when he is playing a prank on you.

  1. He Takes You and The Relationship As His Top Priority.

If you love someone, you put them first before anything, this is what a good husband will do, he is ready to give you his time just to make you happy and for the relationship to be more interesting. Some women complain about their husbands spending more time outside the home than with them. Well a man can be carried away by daily activities which can reduce his time with you but if he sometimes create a night out time just to be with you then you are special to him.

Relationship involves commitment and constant effort and a man should be able to give that to his wife without this they will feel disconnected from each other. It is very important for a man not to abandon his wife, he should create an avenue in which both partner will have fun together which leads to intimacy in this way you should know your man will be a good husband material.

There are certain times when he will have to make difficult decisions as to if he should compromise certain things for you, but his ability to make you his top decision make you valuable and appreciated, it equally shows he wants a healthy long lasting relationship between you two.

  1. A Good Husband Should Be Passionate About You.

Passion for you should be what drives him crazy, he should always have you at heart and appreciate, respect, and value you at all times. A passionate husband is not only on the physical aspect but been observant to little things you do for him. Women like men who are supportive in what they have passions for, of he is this kind of person then he will be a good husband material.

  1. A Good Husband Material should be Trustworthy.

Like earlier said, trust is one of the basics to a successful relationship and marriage. A man who truly loves his wife ensure that the wife trust him , the moment your wife begins to doubt you that means she is feeling insecure.


If you truly love your wife do ensure she trust you, never give her any benefit of doubt.

  1. A Good Husband Material Loves Kids.

If you observe that he is the kind of person that always love kids around him then he is good to go. There are certain times kids will so disturbing to you, this is the period you should watch his temperance with kids, the way he handles the situation will really tell if he is a kid loving person or not.

  1. He Is Very Compassionate To Others.

A man who feels the pain of others and loves helping them is someone to be with. You should observe this traits in him and ensure that’s how he is naturally and not just doing it to gain your attention.

  1. A Good Husband Material Should Be Able To Compromise.

Huh, marriage requires compromsing, consistency and understanding without such you cant live in peace with your partner. Sometimes you guys will argue over something and for peace to reign it requires one partner to compromise for the other. A man who really wants his relationship to last long will have to compromise on certain situations but never you as the wife take this as an habit, when you consistently do this you are likely pushing your man to do what he shouldn’t do.

  1. A Good Husband Material Is A Loyal Person.

A good husband material should be loyal to you, he will never make you feel you are nothing to him but rather he respects and adore you. He tries to help as if you are an elder sister to him.

  1. A Good Husband Material Can Be Dependable.

As a man you should always to be true to his words which is honesty, the moment you begin to practice this character, your wife begins to rely and have confidence in you. You should know your husband to be someone you can depend on in difficult times.

  1. A Good Husband Material Pampers His wife and children(if any).

Women and children likes to be pampered and shown love, A good man should be able to pamper you, it helps you know he is a caring type of person.

This should not be done under false pretence but genuinely doing it makes him a good husband material.

Characters a good husband material should posses
  1. He is Cheering.

A good husband material should be cheering and jovial to you and your family. He tries to make you laugh and happy at all times even when you are low emotionally.

Sometimes you may have a bad experience outside your home, upon coming home it will be a very bad thing to come home and meet a man who nags, beat and quarrel a women as an habit, but when you come home, he cheers you up and put a smile on your face is a good feeling.

  1. A Good Husband Material is Selfless.

A good loving husband is a selfless person. When a man really loves his wife he sacrifices alot just to be with and make sure the person is happy. When you are selfless, your wife’s need comes first before any. There is a huge difference between love and infatuation, your man should celebrate with you on your success, some men feel very pained when their wife achieve something especially they haven’t achieve such. Don’t every make the mistake of dating such person, you can never be happy in such relationship.

  1. A Good husband material should be able to assist with house chores.

If in the cause of dating, your man helps you sometimes or most times with your house chores, not because he wants to have you but because he sincerely wants to, then such a person will make a good husband.

There is one perception about relationship affairs that people usually have, that when a man subject himself to helping with the house chores he is belittling himself as a man. This is a very wrong perception, helping your partner willingly shows you love her.

  1. A Good Husband Material Is A Good Decision taker.

Decisions are meant to be made in every home, but the ability to make and take the right decision helps to foster the progress of the relationship. He shouldn’t be the person whose decision is wavery, what I mean is that he is not always sure of taking the right decision, he always seek help from others before he can take a decision, such a person will cause problem in the home.

  1. A Good husband material takes you as his team player.

A good husband carries you along in all of his activities, he tries to involve you in whatever thing he set out to do, he needs your decision, action and advise in achieving a certain plan. If there is any decision she has made that wasn’t good enough, its your duty to call her to a quiet place and talk to her about it rather than scolding her in public. It could be such decision was taken on behalf of the family just as team mates do.

As you begin your relationship, you work together to ensure the relationship is successful and healthy which makes you a team mates and if your husband doesn’t include in his plans you should have a cause to worry.

  1. A Good Husband Material Never Judges.

A good husband should know your flaws and still treat you in a special way, he is always willing to make amendments with you rather than condemning you. The golden rule stipulates that you should treat others the way you would like to be treated, so if your husband can’t treat you nice but rather judges you for your ugly past then he isn’t a good husband material.

Having discussed widely on how to be a good husband material, it should be noted as the wife that your relationship will only work if both partners genuinely put effort together to make it work. There are some principles as a wife you ought to know to help you become a better woman to your husband.


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