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12 Characteristics you should have as a wife material

Women generally are precious people and should be loved. There are categories of women who are different in characters that’s why we say some can be referred to as “wife material” why others are yet to have a good character pleasing to men to take them as wives. Back in the days, a wife material is a woman who stay home and take care of the family and ensure everything goes well. A wife material will have special traits that are unique, as a matter of fact, you will not be classified as one if you don’t have such character.

how to be a wife material
how to be a wife material

A man or husband will want his wife to have a special character and these characters should all gear towards ensuring the home is always in good condition. A perfect wife is someone who will stay home and be loyal to the husband and take care of the kids.

In recent times, women are no longer what they use to be, what I mean is that, back in those days women are submissive, docile and always subjected to their husband, but thanks to civilization and the women movement and association, which has enlighten them about certain things which needs to be changed. Been submissive and subjected to your husband is not a bad thing after all but when it’s been done excessively it becomes slavery.

Men of today want a woman who will be a help mate to them both physically, emotionally and otherwise and not just subjected to them, men want a woman who will be in their true nature and not acting like a maid.

Several men were asked about when they feel a woman should be referred to as wife material and these are what they have to say about this:

  1. Women love without conditions.

Women can really love a man irrespective of who he is, they have this deep emotional feeling when they are in love with someone. A wife material should be a person who will love you and your family with all her heart, someone who is ready to sacrifice just to make you happy.

When a woman is deeply in love with a man, she becomes so loyal to the point you think her life depends on you. As a good man you shouldn’t take advantage of this and begin to treat her like a slave, a woman who loves unconditionally can become a beast you never expected.

A woman who loves Unconditionally is never a self-centered person, she can go an extra mile to ensure she keeps her home.

  1. A wife material is a helping hand to the husband.

Woman are not just there to help with the house chores or bear children they are very useful in building you as man to become a better version of yourself. A real woman have understanding of how her husband acts at home and outside the home, she knows the strenght and weakness of her husband and not just to use it against him but to make him better.

A wife material will always seek out ways to help the husband especially in difficult times, as a matter of fact woman with good characters are problem solvers. There is this idealogy that people believe which is very wrong, people believe it’s the duty of the man to always take care of the financial needs in the home, as a wife material you can also help take certain responsibilities from your man to ease him.

  1. A Wife material is proud of who she is.

There is what we call self-esteem, as a woman you need to have a high self esteem, high self esteem does not make you a proud person but a confident that believes so much in your capabilities. Men like women who are bold and confident other than the shy type who is always shy to speak even when she knows she can be right.

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As a woman who have full confidence in her abilities that can act on behalf of her husband and be right about it. Men love their wife to be able to make certain positive decisions when they are not readily available, this actually makes the man to have greater respect for you.

  1. As a wife material you should have a sense of humor.

A great sense of humour can make any man to love you unconditionally, as a matter of fact his love for you increases as he sees your potential.
A man who is about to get married will look for certain characters he loves seeing in a woman, most men love women who are kind, honest, adventurous, and be able to share her life experiences with him.

Above all mentioned, the ability to laugh, discuss and play with your husband is what will make your relationship to last longer.

  1. A wife material is a good cook.

Most women go into marriage without knowing how to cook, I mean this is very bad, it reduces your value as a woman. A woman should be able to know how to cook very well, as a matter of fact a good meal soften the hearts of a man. There is bound to be problems in the home if a woman dont know how to cook very well, it will only make way for the man to start having the thoughts of eating outside.

You only open your marriage for intruders because when your husband goes out to eat and find the food very delicious, he will like to always go there to eat and neglect you.

  1. Men like funny and challenging people as wife.

There is never a dull or boring moment when you marry a funny husband. When you joke with your husband it creates a connection between you both, you feel accepted.
Men like to be challenged because he makes them grow into becoming a better person. You become unexciting when you don’t motivate him to achieve certain goals.

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  1. They are affectionate people.

A wife material always shows sympathy because she has a soft heart that can easily show affection to anyone one she loves,and not just anyone she loves but to people she can really show her love to. In every marriage there should be this emotional feeling between the two partners. If you have this feeling in you and it’s been shown towards your husband there won’t be any space for quarrel or fights, there will be love and understanding.

Men love kissing, hugs, and cuddling, it makes them feel emotionally balance, they value it more from someone who is close to them like their wife and when they are not getting it from you there is a problem. So as a woman, you should be affectionate and loving towards your husband.

  1. A wife material set standard and know what they want.

What i mean is that, as a woman you should be able to know your core values and ensure you keep by them. As a matter of fact women who have their own life are the most wonderful people to be with if only you can be patient enough to understand them. She keeps positive friends around her, she likes to be independent, she has vision, a career to work for.

A woman who posses all this will only be reffered to or classified as a good wife material if only she acts in favour of the husband and not use any of these advantage against her husband.

  1. A wife material will respect her husband in public.

It will be a chaos to embarrass your husband in public. If you have this habit of always criticizing your partner among his friends please do stop, it’s very bad to practice such especially with your husband. A wife material will bear the burden and wait till when they are in a quiet place before she begins to say what she has to say or better still there is a way you will live your lives as husband and wife, you begin to communicate using signs.

  1. Wife materials love their husband despite their flaws.

Everyone have certain ugly past they feel very bad about, and the best way they can come out of such emotional trauma is to share their pains with someone they love to get comfort. A wife material will love you for who you are and never use your past against you. You should’ve there when they need you most and not to scare them away. Everyone makes mistakes, if he is genuinely sorry for all his past mistake then why hold it against him. So men love women who can be there for them irrespective of their flaws and all.

  1. They are hardworking.

A wife material is a very hardworking person who can be able to take care of her family no matter the condition, she can go extra-mile to make sure everything is going on fine with her family. They can wake up very early to put things in place probably for the husband before leaving for work or the children before leaving for school. Some are also working class/business women to enable them make an extra income for the family upkeep.

  1. Wife material are prayer intercessors.

A good woman will have you at the back of her mind when having her quiet time. She puts you in prayers even in your absence because she really cares about you. A praying woman is a wife material.

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Hope you have been able to understand the potential or characteristics of a wife material, as a man you should look out for these signs in order to have a better married life and if you are a woman, watch yourself and see areas where you need to make amends to become a better person.

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