What Are The Signs I Have A Lesbian Wife


15 Signs To Know If She Is A Lesbian

A lesbian wife is is a married woman who practice a sexual intercourse with same sex, lesbianism is legal in some developed countries. Am not for or against same sex marriage or sexual intercourse. Everyone is entitled to his or her kind of Lifestyle. There are some men who have unknowingly married a woman who is a lesbian and they are not comfortable with it. Marrying a lesbian is a big problem to you as the man because on a true fact she won’t be interested in you.

What Are The Signs I Have A Lesbian Wife

I have come across so many people who practice lesbianism, some say they enjoying doing it while others say they are striving so hard to come out of such act. Well, am not here to condemn or promote lesbianism but I will be focusing on the topic to enable men know if their wife are lesbians.

There are different ways to know if your wife is a lesbian, these signs will clearly show you she is one that exhibit such. It will not be appropriate to start asking your wife if she is a lesbian, it will look embarrassing to her and this can also affect your marriage. So the best way to find out is to observe some signs which will be discussed here and if you are 100% sure she exhibits these signs then she is a lesbian.

In your dating period, you should have seen some signs in her that will tell if she is a lesbian but probably you weren’t observant enough, but never to worry there are remedies to actually change the whole aspect of it and live a better and successful relationship life but first, you need to know the signs to be assured before you take any further step.

It is very painful to find out after marriage that you have been married to a lesbian, such women will not be able to perform her duties as a wife on the home because she is definitely not a wife material.


As a single person you are of a better chance of not falling in love with a lesbian compared to a man having lesbian wife. So what are the signs of a lesbian wife


  1. She likes to be in charge.

It is a normal traits for women to be very dominating, as a matter of fact women like to dominate and take charge of everything in their home especially when you as the man gives them the chance to or you become too weak to act as a man should. However, dominating is one of the signs of a lesbian wife, she makes the decision in the home and want everything to go her way.

You should observe that these kind of people are very stubborn, if peradventure you make the rules in the home, they always find it very difficult to keep them because they feel they are the one who should be making the rules. Lesbian have this kind of male traits in them.

  1. She Is not interested in what women are interested in.

With this you should be able to draw a conclusion that your wife is a lesbian. Men are interested in what men do likewise women, but when your wife is so much interested in what the make do than that of the female, then there is a problem. For example women love baking, home decorations, taking care of kids but as a lesbian she won’t be interested in those.


There are times you would talk to her about things you feel she would naturally like and be interested in but she will abruptly rule it of because she doesn’t want to be a part of it. It’s not something one can hide, even of she pretends to like it, you will surely see the ingenuity in her attitude or speech.

  1. Her Hairstyle and Mode Of Dressing.

Her lifestyle should be able to tell the kind of person you are married to, most lesbians love to put on a kind of hairstyle that will make them look more masculine with a pair of male jeans and top. They admire the male folks alot in terms of hairstyle and would want to be like them.

They sometimes look for the trending male fashion style to put on rather than looking out for the female ones. Every man would want his wife to look beautiful and stylish but a lesbian woman wants to be different, even if you have to talk to her about changing her kind of lifestyle she feels adamant to it.

So there is every tendency that when you guys were both tying the knot, she probably had someone somewhere who she really want to have intimacy with and not you.

  1. They Can Hide Their Body Language

In as much as they can hide their sexual life from you but their body language will always show because they can’t pretend on this. The way she walk, the way she acts and some go as far as drinking alcohol, smoking and other suppose to be masculine things.

Men sit with their legs wide open and women close up but she enjoys sitting with her legs open, she also give you a soft punch when you make her laugh, and when she walks, she carries her shoulder a little higher and so on.

  1. Intimacy is Boring With You.

Every woman wants a husband who is intimate with them, who can be there to pamper them, take them out on a nice date, watching interring movies together and so on, but a lesbian woman sees all this as a disturbance and uninteresting things.

Even when you try to play a smart one on her by avoiding her, instead of her asking you as to why you are avoiding her, she becomes very comfortable with it, then you begin to wonder what kind of a woman would not want to be intimate with her husband, it clearly shows she is a lesbian.

Peradventure she decides to watch a movie with you, she is always intrigued by the scenes that mostly shows boobs and ass.

  1. She is won’t be interested in manicure and pedicure.

As women love manicure and pedicure to actually make them look more beautiful, your lesbian wife doesn’t think it’s appropriate for her, she has a not interested in having her nails long, or any form of nail art.


However, lesbians don’t have so much love for this, but you may likely see some with long nails, but take a close watch at her middle finger or ring finger, they like to keep them short because they use it work when they are alone.

  1. The Way She Laughs.

When you guys were dating, you did not observe the way she laugh and act towards something that is funny. She laughs audibly that you think it’s an elderly man laughing. There is a way a lady will laugh or smile and it will make you feel very attractive to her because it actually looks sexy, but someone who is a lesbian may actually have a good smile but she laughs audibly, a kind of sound that is not pleasing to you as a man.

  1. She likes hanging out with guys.

The same way she laughs like a man, she also loves hanging out with them. She derives so much pleasure when she sits among men doing the masculine things. Men chase after women, she also derives pleasure in chasing after women.

Seeing her hanging around guys, you might think she is attracted to them, its just her way of been accepted among who she really cares about. You might want to think if those guys do not get attracted to her sexually, well I don’t think so, for the fact that she acts like them, they would want to take her as same.

So you should watch your wife or girlfriend if she likes to hangout with guys or girls the most.

  1. She Has The Lesbain Traits In Her.

You might be wondering if actually she started practicing lesbianism after marriage or she has been a lesbian but you weren’t aware of it. LESBIANISM( CAUSES OF LESBIANISM) is as a result of different factors, some where caused by childhood experience where they had only sisters as people around them, or they were only close to female friends all through their life or it could also be the kind of words their parents or guardian do tell them concerning the opposite sex, so there are many factors that lead to the practice of lesbianism.

13 signs to know if my wife is a lesbian

In your courting period she must have said some things that will make you understand she is a lesbian or bisexual, she might have said things like she kissing a girl, dating, or deeply in love with a girl that probably you didnt take notice of. That’s why it is of great advantage to know the friends of your spouse before marriage it will help you define the kind of person you are planning to get married to.


  1. Lesbains are flirts.

They have this emotional feeling in them to always derive pleasure especially the ones who have been so addicted to the practice. They start locking eyes with just any girl they come across, you should observe if you wife does this, at times you begin to wonder if you guys are really married or friends. She might likely compete with you in chasing after girls.

  1. They love porn alot.

Yes, you read it right, lesbians love watching porn and you might think it’s the normal man and woman porn they prefer but it’s actually not. Lesbains prefer girl-girl porn because that’s the only way they derive pleasure.

  1. The Act of Jealousy.

Lesbians are very jealous, that aren’t jealous because you hang out with the female one but they are jealous because they should be the one hanging out with these female ones.

Your wife should probably have a vest friend whom she regularly hangouts with.

  1. They have very low Libido.

LIBIDO is a sexual drive found in people, it can be high, moderate or low. Lesbians usually usually lack appetite for sex. They normally don’t as their men for sex because they don’t want it from him. You will try as much as possible to be intimate with her but it feels like you are disturbing her. If she has this high libido, she rather do it the traditional way or sleep over it rather than having it with you.

You might want to force her into doing it but truly you won’t enjoy it because there is no passion, it will look very boring to you.

She just goes through the motions of having sex with you as your wife, but you have a gut feeling that she doesn’t really enjoy it.

  1. Birds of same feather flock together.

You should try and know the type of company your wife keeps, if you found out she is a lesbian then should also have one or two lesbian she keeps as friends.

  1. She stares at a woman sexually.

If you and your wife are having a walk, as she stares at other women are instead of her to complain, she also stare at them too, with that attitude you are sure if you are not with her then she will be calling them to have a date with them.

Well, so far I have been able to discuss the signs of a lesbian wife, do try as much as possible to observe this signs.

Please drop your comments and suggestions.

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