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Yoga is an exercise that makes one feel relaxed physically and mentally, yoga in one way or the other has to do with the brain, there is this connection with the brain that makes one feel peaceful.

15 Health Benefits Of Yoga For Your Brain and Body

You can find a relief from pain, injuries, overthinking, stress from a daily/regular practice of Yoga. Sometimes you go through emotional stress that can weigh you down but when it comes to making yourself happy and smart, you don’t find it exciting, I can say a simple yoga exercise can go a long way to ensure you are emotionally balance.

Yoga has been scientifically proven to be very powerful and effective to your body and brain. Many people have confirmed that yoga practice (Asana) and breath work (pranayama) healing are very effective. As a matter of fact, this old practice of the body, mind and breath is known as the mainstream of exercise, but there is a common misinterpretation and believe that yoga is just stretching of the body and nothing more but it goes beyond that.

If you can speak with any yoga enthusiast you will surely get deep insights about how yogi practice works, they will tell you is not all about excersing and stretching of the body but its also about the ability to make positive long lasting changes to not just your body but your brain as well.

Lets concentrate on why regular practice of yoga can be effective and causing positive changes in the human brain.

How Does Yoga Scientifically Helps The Brain And Body

  1. Yoga and the body:

When people hear about yoga they think it’s a very flexible person with a pretzel shape, someone who can draw a foot close to an ear, or something very impossible. Well i can say this is true but not limited to those with a specific kind of body stature, this is where the fun of yoga comes in.

Many advantage of yoga like flexibility or loosening of muscles and connective tissue a can be done through the consistent practice. It’s a step by step practice where you dont have to the extra mile to get going, you can grow from beginner to intermediate and from there becoming a professional, this practice will help you maintain a balance, strength and increase flexibility, in as much as it helps you in the above mentioned, it also helps to decrease the increase of chronic pain, back pain, carpal tunnel, and also increase blood flow to the heart.

You can see there are lots of advantage to the practice of Yoga. Daily practice does not only help you feel great but also help in preventing stiffness,vans stiffness causes laziness.

Take yoga as means to help you look younger, and also help as an anti-aging to your muscles, joints and bones. As you excersing,bit keeps them healthy and super active.

So you can see that yoga does not only help your brain it also helps your body too but this article is centered on yoga and your brain. However, when your body is relaxed your brain is relaxed too, when the body feel less pain it also mean less health challenges like disorders and general wellbeing. Nobody will want to feel very weak in discomfort.

2. Yoga helps the brain:

Yoga helps the brain positively, on recent research studies, it has been proven that yoga and the connection to the brain has an increasing gray matter density. Well, if you don’t know about gray matter, it takes up to 40% of your brain, it is responsible for many functions such as self awareness, learning, control of your five sense organs, memory, and muscle control.

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The main reason we should care more on increasing gray matter is the fact that the more gray matter you have in certain parts of your brain the better they actively perform.

Each of our body parts have different functions, the brain perform different activities, reactions and processes information received, so increase in gray matter results to better function of the brain in a particular area. As a matter of fact the more the gray matter, the more the brain works in that particular area.

So it has been noted that yoga increases gray matter density which helps our brain to perform better.

3. Yoga helps reduce the feeling of stress and over anxiety:

Anxiety is as a result of spending lots of time thinking or worrying over certain things you really dont have control over. It becomes more disturbing when you cant change what you can’t control, but daily practice of yoga helps you take control of your anxiety. The more you practice yoga, the lesser you worry about things you can’t control.

In yoga, you train your brain to be pro-active, you begin to add strenght to the part of your brain that helps you fight anxiety or your weakness to cope with some disturbing thoughts. You strengthen the channels in which your brain needs to stop having much anxiety in you which can bring you down.

Yoga helps reduce stress as rightly said, regular practice has been proven to cut stress therefore reducing your heart beat rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate.

How Does Yoga Help The Brain And Body
  1. Yoga decreases depression:

With yoga, you will be calm and happy, it’s like taking a happy pill anytime you practice it. The areas responsible for fear, rage, and aggression are all inhibited, when the parts responsible for pleasure get turned on.

Yoga can be an alternative to zoloft, Prozac, and other SSRI type antidepressant medications.

  1. Make Yoga excersing habit:

In order to reap the full potential of yoga as a beginner and experienced person, daily practice of yoga will do. It has to be part of you, take a mat and have a plan schedule to at least practice yoga once a week, could be on weekends. As you do this and enjoy it, you begin to find it more interesting and enjoyable and from there you think of adding more days.

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It can take a long time to get used to doing something, so you have to be consistent and patient enough to achieve your goals. If you can do these then your brain and body will be forever grateful to you.

So far, I have been able to explain the benefits of yoga to your body and brain, ut us good thing to make yoga an habit. Daily practice of yoga can be very useful to the body but if you can’t practice it daily, you can set days aside to help you develop your yoga lifestyle.

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