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Are men really dogs

Marriage has become a little difficult in recent times because this generation don’t want to compromise to certain things which are one of the vitals of a successful marriage. There are some principles to marriage that man and woman need to understand before they go into marriage.

Are men really dogs

If they really want to have a healthy relationship lifestyle then they need to understand the basics “before and after” marriage before they go into the marriage proper. You need to seek the help of a counselor to help you prepare your mind about what you might likely see in a relationship. Marriage is a beautiful thing but there are certain things that will occur that will make you feel you made a wrong decision.

Sometimes you begin to ask yourself

“Is Marriage really meant for me”

“Where did I go wrong”

These and many more you will be asking yourself, when you begin to think about these then probably you are having a bad time in the marriage.

I have heard alot of people complain about men who cheat in marriage,


Some go as far as reffering them as dogs, this is because they have had a very bad experience with men they are dating or married to. Let me say something here, if you date a man who did you something wrong or bad in the relationship and probably you decided to give another man a chance in your life after breakup and he does same thing or similar thing as the first man, that doesn’t mean all men are the same.

For every 100 men out there there is always someone specially made for you, who will treat you the way you would want. It’s for you to have a good character and be hopeful that the right person will come to you. If you have this mindset that all men are bad you won’t have a successful relationship.

I can say that we have so many Manipulative person who want to go into a relationship for selfish reasons, they really never care about you but what they can get from you, these are manipulators.


You should be patient enough to read the signs which have been explained in the link above to ensure you don’t fall for one because at the end of the relationship you only regret your actions.

Are Dogs Really Better Than Men

As explained earlier, there are men who treat women very wrong in relationship, they treat women as if they are slaves, that’s is not a good sign to portray to every other women. It only shows how unmannered and undisciplined you are.

Should a dog be compared to a man who cheat

No matter what a man does to you, he can never be refer to as dogs. It was never a mistake to seperate animals from humans both in character and physical body. Well, dogs have this sincere feeling for their owners, but should we say because dogs cheat then you refer men as dogs, that’s a wrong perspective about men.

Most women are pained because of the CHEATING MEN, Men have this cheating nature in them, it’s only a disciplined man will try as much as possible to never cheat on his wife. A man who truly love you will stay loyal to you as long as you are loyal to him. It’s a vice-versa thing, you can’t expect a man to love you passionately without you reciprocating it, it doesn’t work like that.


You should also examine yourself and see why he cheated on you in the past and work on those things, I can tell you there are still 100% good men out there. You just have to find the right one and one important strategy to do so is to be good yourself.

In other words, it will be very wrong to start comparing men to dogs because of their behavior towards you, most women are fond of this, it only passes a wrong message to the younger generation and they begin to see men in the same suit. If your man was bad to you, there is a man out there who will treat you for who you are.

Should An Animal Be Compared To A Man Who Cheats.

It is very wrong to cheat, a cheating partner is worse than an animal. Cheating does not define you to be responsible but a person who is unmannered and lacks discipline. It is never ideal to refer a human as an animal or a dog to be precise. If men were really dogs would you have married one?? I guess not. Let’s see why you can’t refer men who cheat as dogs or animals.

Animals are species that lack the characters of a man, I see some people buy animals (dogs) as partner, I just waved over it because they extremely lack knowledge about recreation. A man’s companionship can never be compared to that of dogs, in as much as men have some irritating character in them, they are much better than any animal in terms of living a normal life.

In other words, cheating is very bad and no man should be applauded for doing it, but no matter how severe it is, a cheating man can never be compared to a dog.

Some will say a man hop from one woman to another and never gets tired of it, it only shows immaturity and lack of self control.

I compared my cheating husband to an animal (dog) what do I do?

Men are considerate beings when compared to their female counterpart, love and other things that make up a long lasting relationship should be found in your relationship, this is what will keep it going, both partner should be considerate and understanding. On a normal basis, if you call your husband an animal or a dog for what he did, he should be angry about it. And of course you insulted him because you were angry but that’s a very wrong move, this can actually sabotage your relationship with your husband.

As a man who has committed such, he should definitely apologise to you and you both should talk things over on how to stop such thing from repeating itself. In as much as cheating is in man’s nature, I will never support cheating, it’s very wrong. After you guys must have talked things over, you should forgive him and move on rather than seeking out ways to divorce him.


You are also not left out, you should also apologize to your husband for reffering to him as an animal or a dog, it’s very wrong. Try as much as possible to have self-control, it will save you alot of problems in your marriage. A loving, caring and considerate husband will be very much sober for what he did irrespective of the names you called him because he believed if he had not wrong you so badly, you wouldn’t have called him an animal.

So what you should do is ask for forgiveness and he will definitely forgive you, then you guys should move on with your marriage. Never concede the idea of divorce, it’s a wrong move towards handling dispute in relationship.

As a woman, there are some characters in you that makes you a good woman, a good woman will not insult her husband but respect him. There are some conditions you find yourself that will force you to speak badly to your husband but the ability to realise that and apologize for it makes you a good woman, but take note, if you are fond of this act of always insulting your husband for every little thing then you would loose your respect as woman.

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