Several ways to prevent divorce and save marriage


How to stop divorce and save your marriage

There are certain things you should put in place to prevent divorce and have a good marriage life or a successful relationship, people face so many ugly situations on a daily basis but you can think that these challenges are what we can overcome by taking principles to cut out this problems… i mean divorce.

So many researches have been carried out as to why there are so many divorces with a short period of time within marriage, you have come to think after counselling that some counselors predict so well what could likely happen in marriages if certain characters are not taken care of.

If you want your relationship to stand the test of time, it’s up to you to steer it in the direction you want it to go. That means resolving issues and committing to meeting one another’s needs. there is so much to do to survive the challenges, you have to work together as a team to craft win-win situations for your mutual benefit.

If you don’t learn to take certain precautions you would be hovering round and round looking for a successful relationship but still not found any but with coaching/counselling you could get a distinctive advice to foster you into becoming a better person.

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If you really care about your relationship and want it to last till forever i mean standing the waves that comes there in and for this to work you and your partner need to work hand in hand to make it work and they are not limited to commitments, understanding, trust and of course love. it has been proven that an unsuccessful marriage cannot last more than 6/7 years of marriage. See Also: What Are The Ways to Know If You Are A Wife Material

Several ways to prevent divorce

How To Stop Divorce And Save Your Marriage

1. When there is no intimacy: Intimacy is closeness between two people who are likely partners in a relationship but how could lack of intimacy cause a relationship fall apart… this is as a result of both partners distancing themselves due to certain reasons that has been brought up in the relationship and you could observe some signs but been adamant to it causes a break in the relationship.

Intimacy should involve both partners giving themselves attention it is a sign of a good and healthy relationship as a matter of fact it fosters healthy and blessed long term marriage, some of the intimacy could include but not limited to kisses, hugs, holding hands foot rubs or even affectionate words like i miss you, or you are perfect half… when this acts are carried out it goes a long way to make a healthy relationship an this could also erase some negative issues like nagging, each partner feel accepted and appreciated

2. Infertility is also a cause: This is also a crucial part that breaks relationship or causes divorce, partners should have a correspondence with themselves and seek a counselor or a health practitioner in other to know what action to take next.

3. Finance capabilities: the money you partners earn should be discussed how it will be properly utilized and each of you should practice as agreed, and when there is default, the defaulter should give concrete reason as to why he/she went against as planned.

4. Addictions: Addiction is also another reason that could lead to divorce most especially when such partner has refused to go for rehabilitation or change his.her habit

5. Having a reason to marry: There should be no attachments or benefits as to why you are getting married to that partner. if there is any reason it could lead to a possible cause of break up, even if you have a reason to get married to someone, it could probably be a wrong reason and that could also lead to divorce. See Also: 100 Questions You Should Ask Your Partner In A Relationship

6. When there is no communication or we say lack of communication: A married couple could easily divorce themselves where there is lack of communication, as a matter of fact such marriage will die fast and easily because the channel in which discussions are made that proffer solutions to a problem or how the home is to be handled will be lost.

7. Continuous argument and fight: if partners continually have argument over certain issues will leave the marriage open to fights and quarrels and eventually lead to divorce .

8. Jealousy and insecurity: if any partner is jealous of the other in the relationship it could weaken it. Jealousy and insecurity is as a result of feeling of possessiveness and control, inadequacy and emotional imbalance and these are great threat to a successful marriage.

9. Age: Age can be a factor for early break in relationship/marriage as it is been regarded that such persons have not gained enough of experience and morals to nurture a relationship and make it work…

Divorce is not an option

10. Accusation: If you keep mounting blames on your partner you make him or her feel less of him/herself, and its a great problem when you don’t actually have the full facts to buttress you accusation, take it from me, it kills marriage than any pandemic.

Its better to ask your partner about such situations rather than making accusations. you should have a behavior of giving your partner a benefit of doubt or full confidence rather than having a negative thoughts which could lead to out-pour of negative actions.

11. Inferiority: having a mindset that you are always the intelligent one in the home would cause your marriage to break…

12. Withdrawing an effort to resolve an issue: sometimes you will agree with me that it is more better to be silent to the issues or leaving the scene than to take actions that could cause damages in this way you could be saving a lot of trouble as to what would have happened at that moment, you should always be observant as to when to do such.

As we progress into discussing the causes of divorce you could see that they are little issues that can be resolve by mutual understanding by both partners but researches have shown that money, i repeat “money” can be a great cause to divorce, i mean money is the mother of all in terms of broken homes today, lets discuss this issue at a large extent viz… See also: 10 Types Of Women That Self-sabotage Their Relationships Unknowingly


Money can be a problem in the sense that it cant be little or too much and still cause a problem in the home which serve as a motivating factor to divorce, the issue of money can cause a marriage to stumble with lesser than 20 percent of amendment, let us discuss briefly some of the issues…

1 The issue of joint accounts and wrongly or misuse of it could lead to the other person angry over such spending..running up to large debts without giving notice to your partner who is considerable could lead to management issue as nobody will like to be cheated. One partner could have a thinking of utilizing the resources to make a better future while the other could just want to live for the now and this could cause a problem in the home

2 Who to spend in terms of taking care of certain responsibilities in the home, one partner may be con servant than the other

3 When one partner does not have to spend like the other maybe due to loss of job or some financial setbacks or even health challenges and this could cause some negative behavior from the other partner

4 Money issues can lead to lack of communication, okay let me explain further, money cause stress and stress causes lack of communication and lack of communication causes problem and when problems begin to arise, it leads to divorce

If you want to be close to your partner and really need your marriage to work in other to avoid divorce i will gladly say you should read carefully and understand this article, because it could go a long way if these measures are critically looked into. Here are few other things you need to look into avoid divorce or the thought of it;

13. Never concede the idea of divorce: Marriage is meant to be enjoyed and not endured so you should try as much as possible to have a peaceful marriage. One thing marriage is to never concede the idea of getting a divorce that could create a negative mindset and when you start harboring those thoughts within you, you begin to practice some little negative actions and from there it grows into a big problem.

If your marriage gives you a sign of breaking up, you should iron out those issues immediately and try as much as possible to handle them with immediate effect and one way you can carryout this is to ensure your partner knows about it, let him or her reason with you and see the dangers coming ahead in the relationship. A committed partner is one who will never give up against all odds, you should ask yourself, do I want this to work if yes, take out measures to ensure it does.

14. Respect is reciprocal: Respect is reciprocal as they say. There should be a same level balance in the relationship/marriage. What could actually be the cause of disrespect, think about it and ensure you kick against it. There is a time you both were deeply in love with each other, think about those great qualities in him and live him/her for that, if its something he/she has lost, proper communication and mutual understanding could bring it back if it has nothing to do with health challenges. See Also: How To Identify A Manipulative Person In Relationship

Let your partner know that what was could still be, love, compliments, a thank you could go a long way to to have him or her change his/her habits and see reason with you. You might want to think this don’t work but I say to you, you will he surprised on a certain day your partner walks up to you and give a kiss. So endeavor to respect, honor, appreciate and respect your partner

15. Communication: like I said communication is a great way to make a marriage work, come to think of it, how do you live together when you don’t communicate, it doesn’t work that way, there has to be first love and communication. well in this jet world there has be lots of distraction and reasons as to why some marriages lack communication , where you have the Netflix, luxury lifestyle and so on, I mean… its easier to get carried away.

You should agree with me that a real conversation with your partner about you real interest, secrets, feelings, frustrations, achievements could bring about intimacy, I mean a good communication brings about intimacy…so it is of great benefits to at least set special hours or minutes to converse without any distractions, keep doing this and you will have a brilliant home.

16. Budgeting and management: This is another thing both partners can work together to achieve, it is never a one man responsibility even when there is only one person bringing in the money or carrying the financial aspect in the marriage.

There should be planing on mutual agreement as to how money will be spent in the home. So what you can do to keep your marriage is to spend based on what is been planned for. It is more of a disaster when only one person pays the bills, but I assure you that there is a way you will plan the money coming that the person who brings in the money have no choice than to agree with you. See Also: 11 Lies Partners Tell Themselves That Is Not Bad

In some families they prefer to share responsibilities other than to jointly handle a financial situation at hone, I will say its fine by me to do so as long as there is agreement to do so and both parties dedicate in carrying out those responsibility with the other partner carrying out extra cost. Sometimes you could create an avenue by which both of you contribute to treat yourself nicely like going on a vacation, a picnic or whatever, this helps in strengthening the marriage.

17. Let there be time for privacy: When I mean privacy I really mean privacy, you shouldn’t bug your partner every time, let him/her also have a quite time. One of the problems of marriage is to actually calculate the right amount of time to spend together, too much of intimacy can cause decrease in interest so when your partner decides to be alone for a moment or a quite time or time to quickly carry out some task you should respect that and give a break

There are times mostly in women when they get angry over nothing, this could also be as a result of stress carrying out the days work, this is the perfect time to show how you care by helping her or if she Is through with it you could try to make her feel comfortable but if she decides to have a quiet time after this you should respect her decisions and vice versa…

18. Be the person you were: What I actually mean is that look back in times where you both started as lovers, what transpired your relationship and am what kept it going till marriage, that should serve as a stepping stone to have a rethink on why you should not file for that divorce. That is why whatever you do in your courting days make every moment count because they will be worth remembered for if you actually think those days are gone then you are not ready to make that change that could lead to a successful marriage.

19. Bed time: partners should be able to satisfy themselves in bed, if one partner deprives the other of time in bed that could cause a lot of problems, I mean I have heard lot of stories and this one caught my attention where a woman deprived her husband time in bed for over 15 years after their last child was given birth to, I mean this is outrageous, i decided to find out what could be the actual cause of it and I saw no meaningful thing in what she said.

You know that alone could make the man file for divorce and except you want the divorce to happen you create an avenue for it.. Take a look at this assuming the man decides to cheat on her and she finds out that could cause divorce or probably the woman decides do do same that would cause war but why would she do that and then deprive the man of time in bed…I mean the reason was just to silly.

20. Keeping the relationship: This is similar to what I have just explained to you that you could rekindle the fire in him/ her doing what you were doing back when you started the relationship, you are not too old to act romantic or public display of affection rather it builds love and affection between you guys

21. The act of forgiveness: You should learn to forgive your partner even before he/she ask for forgiveness. When you hold grudge against your partner you will begin a lay a foundation that won’t be favorable at all, as a matter of fact when there is grudge between partners there is is bound to be divorce because you actually begin to think about it. Every problem should be solved instantly, allowing it to last one more second is disastrous to your marriage.

As a matter of fact holding grudge against your partner doesn’t not only affects your partner but also affect you because it takes up mental and emotional space in your heart and can affect your health, so you see why you should let it go and save yourself of stress, sleepless night, loneliness and emotional imbalance.

This also applies to the offender, you have wronged your partner why not humble yourself and ask for forgiveness, acknowledge you have done wrong and you both that things over . Truly there should be love and understanding, if your partner has decided to ask for forgiveness, be open to listen to him/her and after that you both live your normal lives.

22. Never have a controlling attitude: Having a controlling and dominating attitude simply means your partner is a servant and not a companion to you, as a matter of fact there shouldn’t be place for total control rather you both should sit and talk things over. There should be mutual respect between you too other than a forceful way of compelling your partner to live in the home. Learn to handle decisions together, most tomes partner who tends to be on total control have some atom of insecurity in their relationship, they want everything be don’t their way which is actually not the best.

Partners who posses this character are most time abusive, emotionally imbalance and display a sign of financial abuse. It is not advisable to monitor or control one another but learn to show you care through a better approach

In this article we have broadly discuss divorce, the cause and how to avoid them…to be divorced is not a good practice but stay put in your marriage and make it work is the best. Having read this article, it is now left for you to ponder on this issues if you are having it though filing a divorce, divorce was, is and will never be a good option and its danger to health and lifestyle can be predictable most especially the children involved…

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