How To Identify A Manipulative Person In Relationship

How to know a manipulative person in a relationshipTraits of a manipulative person

How To Tell If Someone Is A Manipulative Person

How to know a manipulative person in a relationship
Traits of a manipulative person

According to Wikipedia, Manipulation is a type of social influence that aims to change the behavior or perception of others through indirect, deceptive, or underhanded tactics. Bringing it to our context we should say a person who manipulates is a manipulative person.

After finding out the meaning of a Manipulation or manipulative! Who is a manipulative person in terms of relationship/dating?? In our world today people fall in wrong relationship and that’s because of certain reasons which we have discussed in one of our article( Wrong relationship). A person who may decide to go into a relationship with genuine interest may fall into a wrong or manipulative person and that will break the person’s mind and think of relationship as a bad thing but of cause that’s a bad knowledge about relationship.

You will never enjoy your dating/marriage if you fall for a manipulative person. Who is a manipulative person? Bringing it into our context- Relationship- we can say a manipulative person is a person who has no sincerity in words and actions, we can also say a manipulative person is a person who is never true to his/her words basically for the purpose of gaining advantage over the person without genuine interest from the other.

I hope you get the flow, so entering into a relationship with a manipulative person, you see can be very disastrous to you financially, emotionally, physically and otherwise….be careful!

In a bid to find true love so many have fall into wrong relationships and this is not a good start to begin your love life. If you don’t know the signs of a manipulative person you fall into one and this will create a bad impression and you think most relationships are like that…NO. Of a truth manipulative people are both that easy to detect and that’s why we have come up with this article so you could read and have knowledge of one when you want to go into a relationship.

Manipulative persons or manipulators have very few traits you should detect, so it’s left for you to quickly read the signs and don’t be blinded by love, critically look into these signs and you are sure to notice one when you see one..

Let me give you a quick tip: “the earlier you know the better for you”

20 Signs you are dating a manipulative person or a manipulator

OR 20 traits of a manipulator

1. Have you been in a situation where you don’t feel comfortable doing something but because someone has something you need. Most manipulator have certain resources like power or positions to deceive into coming in relationship with them. What I am saying in essence is that you are likely manipulated into a relationship through power, money or fame. If you see yourself in this kind of situation you should clearly stay off such relationship especially when it is showing off at the early stage just to avoid problems.

2. This comes after they have been able to influence you with their resource, they then make you feel is their right to make them feel good even if you aren’t happy with such. And of course you have benefited from them, so you will do all things to please them right. If you go into a relationship with these conditions your relationship is bound to fail. These manipulators are mostly effective on people who are weak emotionally and also in making decisions.

3. These people give you conditions as to what to do or say in a given situation, they can easily distract you from doing what you are suppose to do. Their words are always final. For example if you are to do something that will involve them and decide to pass through them to get what you want, manipulators will never do it for free…you will hear words like “Before I do it for you, you have to do this for me”

4. A manipulative person is always seeking full attention from you and how do they do this, through inflicting fear on you. They always want you to be at their Beck and call, like every time they need you, you should be there. They easily turn things against you and make you feel subjected to them.

5. A manipulative person will pull you off your feet by flattering you, they are actually good at praising someone or telling them sweet words. Most of them are good at putting words together that can make you feel they have genuine interest. Things they talk about may seem very true but they never take actions. See Also: 100 Questions You Should Ask Your Partner In A Relationship

6. A manipulative person will always want to know your every move, who you talk to, where you, go, what you are doing, who you are dating and other things. They try to control your activity by been too nosy in your affairs. The moment you enter into to trouble they use it as an advantage to themselves and of course to your own disadvantage. In a relationship each partner deserves an alone time, please you should be able to detect this, anyone who is been too nosy in your affairs is probably is a manipulator and not love and definitely a manipulator isn’t good for you.

7. Have you ever thought of yourself been in a position where you always apologize for the things you didn’t do, this is what a manipulator will make you do. The things you literally feel you ain’t wrong about they tend to make it a matter of importance and as a matter of fact you guys can fight over it. In every relationship there need to be mutual understanding and respect should be reciprocal, any partner who tries to gain full control over the other partner is a manipulator who has selfish interest in the relationship

8. A manipulative person is quick to judge at every given opportunity to make you of less importance and make you feel your decisions and actions don’t count, they are always the Mr/Mrs right. If you find yourself constantly been judge by a person and you decide to go into relationship with such person you should have re-think. Anyone who will make you have a low self-esteem or make you feel you are worthless, please do not come in contact with such a person not to talk of been in a relationship with someone like that.

9. I have so many times heard of couples who say they can forgive their partner but they can never forget the past, but in actual sense of it, its a bit difficult to forget and I can’t really blame them for that. Where I have problem with is when such a person begins to use your past against you in every given time, and that’s unfair. Your partner if truly loves should be able to move on genuinely without using your past against but this is what a manipulator will do.

10. A manipulator will make you feel they deserve everything you give to them, they actually don’t see your generosity rather they see it as a gratitude for what they have been doing for you. They feel like at every point in time you should always be able to fit into to their mood like if they are angry you should also be in a sad mood if they are happy you should be also. You have to adapt at any given circumstances wether it’s comfortable with you or not. See Also: 11 Lies Partners Tell Themselves That Is Not Bad

11. Manipulator knows everything about you, your weakness and strengths and definitely use them against you at every given point in time. In this sense there should be proactive measure you should put in place to ensure he/she doesn’t know your weakness, he/she will capitalize on it to make sure he/she uses it to his/her advantage.

12. Another way you could discover if a person is a manipulator is to find out within you if certain things you ought to have achieved that hasn’t been achieved due to the relationship you have with such person, If you discover you are gradually leaving your goals/ambitions due to trying to meet up with his/hers then you are not heading the right direction. Manipulators do not really care about you or your ambitions, they are likely self-centered.

13. Manipulators are appreciative only when you do certain things they ask you to do and when you don’t you become a bad person. They only profess their love when they need something from you. Let me make you understand something, in this world there’s no perfect person, trying to make yourself perfect before these kind of people makes you unwise because it’s never ideal. If there’s any relationship where the partner always feels guilty and neglected in one way or the other, you should never consider that as a relationship rather it’s slavery.

14. A manipulator will always victimize you for everything either the fault is from him or from you. They never admit faults in anyway, they will never apologize when its a loose end from them. They try to blame you even when they are actually at fault and when you try to react they see you as an abusive, nagging and disrespectful woman.

15. A manipulator is a pretender, they pretend at almost everything, they act as if they really don’t care about whats going on but on the long run they are gathering information to be used against you.

16. Manipulators are quick liars. What i mean by quick liars is that, they have answers to every question you ask them at every given time. For example if such a person is caught cheating, he might say he was drunk and never knew when he slept with a lady, or if you caught him with a lipstick stain on his shirt, he might say it was from sister, I mean they lie about everything and never to be trusted.

17. When there is a topic he is not interested in especially the one about him or something that disgust him, he quickly tried to jettison the conversation and probably talks something else. He feels angry over things you should be angry at and by that way you begin to feel guilty, that’s what a manipulator can do. See Also: Love: 7 Signs To Know If Its Truly Love

18. A manipulative person will embarrass you in public when you do something wrong and never care about your feelings. Don’t just make a mistake because he is going to ridicule you both in public and private. In public he pretends to be the best boyfriend to cover up faces and when you guys are together he behaves like a mad dog.

19. A manipulative person is secretive, very very secretive, they won’t want you to have an idea of who they really are like family, societal and educational background.

20. A manipulative person will take action that will make you feel you have to take over heels in order to be safe especially when there is a conflict between you two, and when you look at him, he feels he should justify himself of his actions and you may likely hear things like “I will not beat you” be very careful of such people.

21. However, a manipulative person is a seductive person, in which ever way he/she presents him/herself, with these signs you should be able to predict carefully who is genuine and who is a manipulator.

The ability to define this will save you from running into ugly relationship that you will later regret about, don’t be blinded by love to do something that will be difficult to come out from or even if you do, you may loose one or two things. Be wise and always follow your heart and not by sight, because sight will only deceive you. You shouldn’t allow anyone to manipulate you, you should be able to stand on your ground and define your directions.

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