You are here, you are welcome to relationship and lifestyle blog with Franklin, right here I am going to be talking about the purpose of this blog(In general terms) but if you want to know about me check my page. Franklin

This relationship and lifestyle blog/website is set up to talk, discuss, offer advice, comments, and of course relationship problems in our day to day life. Ironically we all are into one relationship or the other and how do we go about these relationship affairs. A bad relationship can affect your life negatively so you have to ensure you live your life right and thats why we are here to put it right through our contents and counselling in which ever way you can reach us throughout all platforms made available.

Yes lifestyle, we may likely not complete relationship without talking about lifestyles and thats why we have decided to fuse these two together to make it a superb way of handling these issues and makes it more enlightening and also an enjoyable relationship and worthy lifestyle.

One unique thing about us is that we are here for you and we are committed to offer the best of our services to you in relationship and lifestyle matters.

We started this quite late but we have been persuaded by many through our counselling sessions to create a platform where people can get more knowledge about the things i see and talk almost on daily basis, we are dedicated to changing the negative aspect of your love/relationship life and making you that person people desire.

There are so many heartbreaks and divorce everywhere and some couple who live together are not happily married but we are here to eliminate large number of such.

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