Love: 7 Signs To Know If Its Truly Love


Can This Be Really love?? See This 7 Signs

Love is a beautiful therefore get to be loved. A person who is loved is emotionally balanced except when there is a little of trauma in the relationship. Most times we fall into wrong relationship because we are desperate to find true love, love is not something we earn, it’s a strong feeling that comes naturally, trying to fake it isn’t true love. One of the best and most successful relationship affair is love at first sight where both parties love themselves without getting to know each other and as times goes on they begin to know and understand themselves.

There are certain things that happens certain times (lust) and we think it’s love, sometimes what we feel are likely the same thing as true love, but there is a difference between love and lust. One thing about lust is that it could have all what love entails but it doesn’t last, because as time goes on the feeling begins to diminish. See Also: 11 Lies Partners Tell Themselves That Is Not Bad

The foundation of every successful relationship is love, without love such relationship will not last but take note that, I have seen and heard of some relationship which started in a very negative way like quarrel, fight, deceit, but they turn out to be the best in a long run.

One good thing about love is that it has been existing before man so it’s not something you worry yourself over for it to be perfect at once, but as you find love, you grow in love for the better. After all love is not something we plan, as a matter of fact it happens when we least expected.

In this article, we are going to be talking about signs to know if it’s truly love, and we are going to be talking about 7 of them.

7 Signs To Know If It’s Truly Love

1. The Creation or Beginning: The Beginning is the key moment when everything feels different and takes new turn. This stage everything you do or intend doing will be hovering round that person with whom you had fallen in love with. 

It’s like a whole new experience that you wish should never end. The moment you begin to feel this then it’s one of the signs of true love. 

2. Distractions: This is another way to find out if you are actually in love, at this stage you begin to get distractions from the person whom you fell in love with. You begin to think of every conversation you had together, the clothes he wears, the food he likes, the smiles he puts on. 

At this time you always want to meet him and feel his presence even when you have nothing to say to him. You begin to have deep emotions, if not handled maturely can take over you and your activities. In this stage, you shouldn’t be the only one in this shoe, this should be experienced by both of you, the same way you want to have him should be the same way he wants to have you or even more, with this we can say it’s truly love.

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3. The clearer side: At this stage you begin to see the good and bad of your partner. You might want to think he is perfect because you have been blinded by emotions, he is not perfect and of such he has weaknesses and strength. His weakness cannot be a basis of you leaving him or trying to withdraw your love for him, but the true definition of love is when you can help him in his weaknesses.

At the beginning of the relationship affair, it is being noticed that those partners who misundersand themselves alot tend to learn from their misunderstanding which help them to better understand themselves because, in this beginning they have argued about their likes and hates, So they learn from their experience, you shouldn’t be afraid to argue with the person you love. In other words, at this stage, if you begin to see his wrongs and adapt to it or try to change him then it’s a sign of true love and likewise the man. Take note, it should be both partners experiencing this.

4. The desire: This stage comes after the previous stage mentioned above. Now that you decided whom you want to love and relate with, it is time to set out methods to take to make the relationship a healthy one. This is the best time to outline the dos, and donts, you might want to fawn at this but trust me it helps alot in a relationship. 

At this stage you begin to plan together, emotions are shared and best positive way to handle this keeps the relationship going on. If your partner performs all these stages and ready to plan with you, then it’s a sign of true love.

5. Disorderliness: Have you heard of what “Hypomania” is?? This is the time you begin to feel “Hypomania” in your life. At some point the urge to eat or sleep will begin to diminish, you eat and sleep very little. Your activities begin to match up.

6. The act of jealousy: In every true Relationship if you don’t feel jealous about your partner then it could me just two things, 

a. It’s either there hasn’t been a situation where jealousy will come in or

b. You don’t love your partner.

If you truly love your partner you will be having this feeling of insecurity, out-rightly there should be no cause for jealousy or insecurity but because you are over-protective of him or her, you don’t want to take no chances. In this stage you begin to see other gender as your competitor, in as much as you love your partner, and you are been protective of him, jealousy and Insecurity shouldn’t in any way come into the relationship, it kills it.

Jealousy and Insecurity is also a way to find out if you truly love your partner and vice versa but when it’s been done excessively, it simply means you guys are having trust issues, which is not a good start.

7. Intense feelings: At some point you begin to feel insecure, and at some other point as you grow in the relationship the feeling of insecurity begins to die down. At this time you believe your partner won’t do something irrational, rather instead of been insecure, you concentrate on making the relationship work. If both partner work together to make the relationship work then it’s a sign of true love, not one who is trying to sabotage your relationship. 

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There are conditions in which we might find pleasing to ourselves that drives this urge in us, whatever the case may be, I would say love is not something you should rush into, sometimes it could be lust over such person or material things. Love at first sight is real, so when you think you have fall in love with someone, you should look out for these signs to make sure it’s love, and not lust.

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