25 Tips On How To Be A Good Boyfriend


25 Tips On Being A Good Boyfriend

25 Tips On How To Be A Good Boyfriend

As a boyfriend who wants to settle down with one woman or lady, he has to posses some characters that will ensure the relationship work. There are signs/traits you should look out for if he is going to make a good boyfriend and worth investing of your time.

In the course of this article we will be explaining certain traits that will make one a good boyfriend. In this jet age, relationships tends to be more difficult than they used to be, back then everyone believes love covers all things which is meant to to be, but in today’s time, everyone is looking for special one, special one with certain traits but in the true sense of it, nobody is perfect….

Lets look at some traits you should posses to be a better boyfriend or Some signs a lady should look out for if you want a good relationship.

Signs to look out for in a guy if you want a good relationship…..

1. He must be caring : your boyfriend must be the caring type, always want to know about your welfare and everything you do. He can be really uncomfortable if he hasn’t seen or heard from you and when he does he will be so glad and fulfilled he had.

2. Consistency is the key: Its not just to be a boyfriend that matters but been consistent in loving you, caring for you and wanting to keep the relationship, and for this to happen you must have gain some level of trust in him, know his characters, what makes him happy, everything you need to know about him and vice versa. in times of quarrel and misunderstanding, will he handle the situation or make a decision to work away from the relationship, that should be a concern to you. See Also: 21 Tips On How To Improve Self-Esteem Quickly

3. Been spontaneous: there should be a personality in him about been curios to know certain things and willing to learn and listen. There is nothing better in a relationship than someone who is willing to keep the relationship against all odds.

4. Humility: a humble person is a person who has attained some level of maturity i must say and if you observe such sign from someone like that i think for me is a go ahead. Boyfriend who is humble will always place you higher both in public and private places, such people can help you with chores at home or wherever.

5. Been sincere: you will always want a boyfriend who is sincere in all his ways because you can actually trust such people. a man who will mean every word he says and keep to it, wont be a bad boyfriend and for this to work you must actually act same.

6. How he treats others: if he is the person that places others first before himself, such person will be a good boyfriend, such a person will be able to assist you even in hard conditions, if he treats others with respect and loyalty then you will have no cause to fear in the relationship because he will surely treat you with great care.

7. Goals and ambitions: a person who will make a good boyfriend should have goals or ambitions. In today’s world there are so many things in terms of work that your supposed boyfriend could do to get money and if he is not into one you should find out his reason, you should have it in mind that your boyfriend should have a plan for the future and pursue it and if he begins to include you in his plan for the future then you are sure of becoming his top priority.

25 Tips On How To Be A Good Boyfriend

8. Gestures and affections: in any given relationship, you should be able to freely communicate, laugh, play, and have all the time together only then you will truly enjoy your relationship, a boyfriend who always thinks about you and seeks ways in which you guys will be intimate, will be a good boyfriend.

9. Carry others along: your boyfriend should be the type of person who is willing to carry your family along I’m hs plans or activities and not just your family but friends too. Create an avenue for them to be around him and he should be comfortable with it and vice versa. See Also: Love: 7 Signs To Know If Its Truly Love

10 Loving: your boyfriend should be able to love you and show it openly which clearly means he is proud of you as his girlfriend, many guys around will openly confess to you that they will love you but within them they don’t mean it, you could easily detect such people when you are in private place with them when he begins to misbehave but the one who shows affection publicly and privately is bound to be a good one.

11. Spending: a good boyfriend should be able to spend for you without grudges or been forced to, he spends because he wants you to be happy and satisfied, you should also be able to detect when he is having money to spend so that you won’t make yourself feel like a liability.

12. Trust: You should be able to trust your partner and vice versa, if trust is a one sided thing it cannot work, the basis of your relationship should be trust, as a matter of fact trust is one of the key factor of any successful relationship, been open to you partner will help create a very good mutual understanding and make people envious of your kind of relationship. The secret of making your partner trust you is by telling him/her certain things about yourself that no one knows about or something very important to you

13. Honesty: This is another area you should try as much as possible to maintain, a relationship that has no honesty from the scratch is bound to fail, as a matter of fact, honesty should exist even before the relationship starts. you will run into certain trouble if you are not been truthful or honest in your ways. if there is anything about your past that your partner really needs to know about you should clearly tell it to him/her. One thing you should also put into consideration is, if truly you want your partner to be happy you should also be very much ready to accept the truth.

14: Be cheerful and inspiring: I have heard several people talk about this as deceit but i don’t see it as deceit, what am trying to say is that if your partner dresses in a way that its not too comfortable with you but he/she is happy about it, and you were asked how do i look, you should put on a smiling faces and say you look great instead of complaining or if your woman says how is my blue dress when actually you prefer the red, you should actually say you look great without her feeling unsatisfied with your reply.

15. You should be compromising: when i mean by compromising i mean you should learn to forgo certain things even if its against your will, if you and your partner can always agree on almost everything without fighting then that relationship is bound to stumble and fall, to be compromising you should be able to discuss certain issues and both parties should equally make suggestions towards handling such situation and more also you should make it a one sided thing where your own suggestions should be accepted, you should learn to compromise…when agreeing or disagreeing over a certain issues or topic of discussion the tempo of your voice matters alot. you should be able to speak calmly.

15. An attentive listener: you should be able to listen attentively to your partner and not always on the talking side. you should be able to take note of important things he/she has to say, always show great interest in the conversation be fully engage in it and if there is any activity to be carried out to make the conversation a good one, it should be done. and more also instead of always interrupting your partner because you have something to say, you should patiently wait till he/she ends her side of the talk before you opt in.

A good listener is also a person that remembers the last conversation, it clearly shows you understood the concept of the conversation and not just a “listen and forget” kind of thing. If peradventure you were told a certain thing more than once and on the third time you were ask that particular thing but yet you seem not to provide tangible answer or make meaningful comments about such question it means you weren’t actually listening and your partner will be angry about it. you should be able to listen to them even when they are trying to pour out their emotions and give meaningful gestures towards them, that will make him/her feel comfortable.

16. Listen, just listen: you might be in the mood where you don’t feel like listening to any conversation or be involved in any conversation but your partner wants to converse, you should listen, it is important to her that’s why she is letting you know about it. by doing this you are creating a positive impression that she can also confide in you and her time will not be wasted.

17. Never be cold: what i mean in essence is this, some guys chase a girl over a period of time doing the necessary stuff to make sure the girl accepts them but after the acceptance they go cold in the relationship and no longer do the stuffs they use to do which will make the relationship boring, so you should never go cold but seek for ways to make the relationship lively even after so many years in the relationship/marriage it will seem like yesterday.

To be truthful in the cause of living together, some things might happen that will make the marriage become uninteresting, things you normally do will begin to fade away but you should focus on making the relationship lively and bring back the energy even if it wasn’t there before …

18. Be an encouragement to your partner: You should be able to spend quality time with your partner, encourage and engage yourselves. if she likely have a problem and decides to tell you , try and give her a listening ear and tell her what will comfort her and give her peace of mind. If she decides to embark on task that is likely difficult for her to handle you should be a source of inspiration to her rather than been dormant and unproductive. As a matter of fact, part of been a good boyfriend is the ability to offer help to her if you cant help her what is the essence of going into the relationship in the first instance…think about it.

19. Let her know you value her: You should always ensure you appreciate her for every effort she makes in that way she feels delighted and appreciative, no matter how small the gesture she is always feel fulfilled.

20. Dont be secretive: if you try to hide your feelings from your partner it clearly shows you cant confide in him/her, it maybe hard to talk about certain things but silence makes it worse because there are some people who don’t know how best to help, if you cant express yourself, even if its a little discussion it can be very helpful, never try to hide your feelings its not a good option. You might not know how your partner can be a solution to you, remember this might be one of the qualities she fell for and changing from who you were could lead to something else…. See Also: 100 Questions You Should Ask Your Partner In A Relationship

21. People like surprises: surprising your partner is not a bad thing to do, we all love surprises, even if its very little it will be much appreciated, you might not know she appreciates it, some do not make it obvious but when she is alone she begins to fancy those gestures and appreciate it even more.

22. Be her companion: The one thing a girl desires is a person she can act up with, someone she can call her bestie, i mean a best friend, whether you knew her right from childhood or adulthood, it doesn’t really matter as long as she can relate with you, you are always there for her, you are there in rough and happy times, someone who can never get angry over her mistakes but rather handle it with all maturity, someone who is supportive, someone who never condemns her, someone who respects her decisions, someone who will never give up on her, someone who will make her laugh even when she is sad, someone who will love her, someone she can confide in and so on…

23. Being a playful person: been a playful person could actually help sometimes, not every time you should be serious in the relationship, there should be fun activities been carried out, if you think she is not happy you should tease her and if she complains jokingly about it, of course she enjoys it, and that spices up the relationship. what kind of guy would you be if you don’t have any sense of humor, i guess you wouldn’t imagine that….

24. You should be a romantic person: Every lady or person loves romance if you don’t act romantic she might start feeling bored in the relationship and seek after places or people she can get one, and that will not be a good perception, you might think been romantic comes with expenses but a little romantic words you say to her goes a long way, you should be there in rough and happy times, someone who can never get angry over her mistakes but rather handle it with all maturity, someone who is supportive, someone who never condemns her, someone who respects her decisions, someone who will never give up on her, someone who will make her laugh even when she is sad, someone who will love her, someone she can be confident about and so on…

25. Plan with her: if you include her in your plans she feel important in the relationship and not some scumbag or hand bag. She becomes an addition to you and your efforts when you include her in your plans and if you don’t she might think you don’t love her.

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