21 Tips On How To Improve Self-Esteem Quickly


21 Ways On How To Boost Your Self-Esteem Very Fast

In this article we shall be discussing 21 Tips On How To Improve Self-Esteem Quickly, We have heard the word Self-esteem before but for those who haven’t or probably forgotten what it means, according to Wikipedia Self-esteem means having self respect and value for oneself. There can be Low and high self-esteem, there are so many who are faced with low self-esteem more than people with high self-esteem and this low self-esteem esteem is as result of certain factors. The issue is to realize that this low self-esteem has a negative impact on you, and the means to stop it or come over it should be put in place.

21 Tips On How To Improve Self-Esteem Quickly

One thing that brings low self-esteem is looking at yourself and think you you are not up to standard when reverse is the case. Confidence is a greater key into becoming the person you are rather than having low self-esteem. In the world today, people are mostly victimize by what they see, most especially when it is something they can’t really afford, for example, you are in the midst of your age group who owns expensive cars and you don’t own any, you begin to look down on yourself feeling depressed with low self-esteem.

Having known what low Self-esteem and of course high self-esteem, let’s discuss on ways to improve self-esteem.

1. Stop the envy: Thinking you could be like others is one of the things that could cause low self-esteem, you are who you are and should be proud about it, look for ways to make yourself better with genuine interest rather than trying to become someone else who wants to become like other people. Everyone is unique and special in his/her own way you just have to carryout self improvement and you will do just fine rather than killing yourself with depression leading to low self-esteem.

2 Don’t limit your capabilities: One of the reasons why people have low self-esteem is that they think they do not have the strength to do certain things and that will limit them. The main focus is to drive your energy into doing things with your limit and focus less on things you are not capable of doing for example “when you see your age mates very tall and you are short, you try to make yourself as tall as they are or even taller and when you can’t you become depressed and this lead to low self-esteem”.

3. Surround yourself with people who will influence you positively: People who will make you feel you positive about yourself. in a situation where you see yourself as not up to standard or been discourage over certain things, the kind of people you follow will determine if you can determine your character. A negative or manipulative person will influence you negatively. There are certain characters people will have that you do and dont like, if you focus your mind on theses dos and donts you will decide to change the ones you dont like and be the better person you can be other than seeing yourself as a low worth person among people.

4. Dont be afraid or fearful: You should be very confident of yourself to do the things you really want to do irrespective of what people will say. How do you build this confidence? Now focus on the things you want to do, are they right or wrong, do they please you or not, is that what you really want, if your answers are years then you should go for it, some may come at you to say what you do whats bad or unpleasant , then you focus on the things you did and see if its that what you really want and that will of course boost your morale.

Another thing you should consider is, if you do something regularly or part time basis and you feel awkward about such things anytime you do it then you need to change from it or better still look for a better way in doing those things for example if you regularly wear a type of dress and you always feel uncomfortable anytime you put it on, then you should change it and wear something that will make you feel better and boost your confidence. This also applies to other areas not only dress.

5. Put everything in place: what i mean by this is that if you can afford a nice home, a good environment, a fancy car, and a nice dress then you should go for it, this would help build your confidence and give you high self esteem. if you are likely to go for a seminar or interview, prepare yourself very well so that you can avoid mistakes and as time progresses you begin to gain confidence of yourself. if you feel better you will be inspired to always make positive changes. See Also: 10 Great Tips On How To Make People Like You Instantly

6. Always Take Care Of Yourself: By doing this you are making your mind feel at rest in the sense that improving oneself starts by taking care of one self, if you cant take care of your self you cant build confidence. Have a nice shower, read books and learn new things, tidy your clothes, have that nice hair cut or hair dressing, clean your home, everything around you should be put in place, you might think its not important but on the other hand it helps in improving self esteem.

7. The mind is heavy: As a matter of fact, a person who is always occupied by negative thoughts cannot build self esteem, you should loosen up a bit and place your mind on things you enjoy doing, things you are passionate about by so doing it will make you feel confidence about yourself.

8. Have a good heart: Yes, you heard me right, your attitude tells who you are. A positive attitude will attract friends while a negative one will attract haters and when you have haters around you, you begin to feel rejected because they will never want to come close to you, and the funny thing about this is that you will thing people dont like you because of certain things you think you dont have like a fair face, or good home or something else but in the actual sense its your character that drives them away. So learn to have a good heart it improves your self-esteem.

How Can Good Self-Esteem Help You Through Difficult Situations

9. Your Charisma: yes, the way you behave or do things matters alot, the way you eat, talk, care for people builds a confidence from people on you. your charisma should be the type that influence people positively, that when you do certain things people appreciate and envy you for those things and want to be like you.

10. Be grateful always: be thankful to yourself and others. look at yourself most times and appreciate yourself, be thankful for the things you have achieve, it also helps alot.

11. Be confidence to take charge: there are certain people i know that are afraid to take responsibility for anything, they are afraid they might not do well or perform badly, as a matter of fact the moment you begin to nurse such in your mind you might end up bad. Your lifestyle should be one that motivates, encourage and attract people to you in that way you gain high self-esteem

12. Family background: Sometimes where you come from also add up to what causes a low self-esteem and this has made so many people unable to express themselves among their folks especially when their folks are wealthy ones or middle class. Let me enlighten you a bit, there is an attitude you will keep among your folks that they will be the one seeking your presence or companionship rather than chastisement so its better for you to be yourself and talk, think and act like someone with authority with that you will overcome low self-esteem.

21 Ways On How To Boost Your Self-Esteem Very Fast
Low Self-esteem brings loneliness

13. Educational background: I dont really see it as a barrier to be who you want to be, though its good to be educated but not only education defines you, i have seen people who talk with authority among educated ones and command respect from them. You might feel you are not educated so you dont fit into the category but i put it to you that if you are knowledgeable about a certain job/work you should be able to speak with authority. What you should do if you are uneducated is to get educated but if thats too expensive for you, you can learn a trade and be good at it, so you be a professional in your field, even people outside your field will respect you and that will boost your morale. See Also: Love: 7 Signs To Know If Its Truly Love

14. There is no perfect person: Another way to build your self-esteem is to have it at the back of your mind that nobody is perfect, we are all humans will different abilities and negativity. So you shouldn’t look at yourself as someone who makes mistakes or cant do something right, no.. this is a wrong mindset and could affect you negatively, if you do something bad the ability to correct yourself defines you.

15. Create Ideas: Like i said earlier under educational background, you should be creative and good in your field because it commands respect from friends and enemies. If there is a situation on ground that needs answers/solutions, if you have a solution speak up for people to hear you and with that people will build confidence in you. And you find out that after consistently doing this your self-esteem gets high and ensure you maintain it.

16. Have the mindset that people must talk about you: The moment you start worrying about what others think about you, you begin to feel less of yourself most especially when its a negative one. Stop paying concentration or giving listen ears to negative people. If you set out to achieve something, go for it and dont bother about what others think.

17. Choose your friends wisely: you would not want to surround yourself with negative people because negative people would only bring you down. Dont be afraid to let go of people, see it as an opportunity to make your self a better person without them, rather than holding onto them because you are afraid of loosing them, the moment people like this knows your weakness they will want to use it as an advantage over you.

18. Failure is also an option: If you feel anytime you fail, you are the worst person in the world then that is not a good mindset, failure is also a part of success, those who fail today become great tomorrow. The moment you harbor these thoughts of failure in you, you begin to have low self-esteem, and make yourself feel you are good for nothing. This does not necessarily mean you should seek for failures because i said its also an option….NO, seek and pursue success but if you fail in the process, motivate yourself and begin again.

19. Be firm in decision making: are you a yes when people say yes and a no when people say no? this is not a good way to grow your self-esteem. You should be able to define your part and stand on it rather than always making the same decisions others make. in that way you are building confidence in yourself and giving others the opportunity to trust and believe in you. See Also: How To Identify A Manipulative Person In Relationship

20. Set targets to achieve: When you set targets to achieve and you actually you achieve them, you feel worthy of yourself. If you discover that anytime you achieve something good you feel its luck then you have a low self-esteem but on the other hand a high self-esteem person will be very happy to celebrate him/herself for accomplishing a task rather than seeing it as luck.

21. Never compare yourself with others: You are who you are and your life should not be a competition. when you see yourself as not moving up to standard as others are, you begin to look down on yourself. Everybody cant be in the same level in life, you are better than some while others are better than you.

Having explained what could lead to low self-esteem and how to come out of it, i hope it helps if you are in this category, there are so many benefits to having a high self-esteem, so sit down think about this points made and relate it to your current life, if you really have a low self-esteem try and work on yourself and come out of it

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