20 Reasons Why The Nigerian Girl Ignores You On Social Media Chat


Why do most Nigerian girls ignore male chats on social media

Reasons why the Nigerian girls ignore you on social media chats is a great topic of discussion. It is widely know in Nigerian how the female ones ignore the male chat on social media, although in Nigeria, Africa, there are more female than male which has made so many people wonder why these girls tend to play hard to get on the female folks. Relationship between the male and female in Nigeria are mostly know as bestie, this means best of friends. And research has been carefully carried out that most girls like to have male besties than female ones, so who are they really chatting with on social media.

Why do most Nigerian girls ignore male chats on social media
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In this article we shall be discussing certain things/reasons why they are not chatting with you[male] but before that lets look into the affairs of the female folks in Nigeria in terms of what the female ones expect from the male ones.

What Do The Girls Expect From The Guys

1. Girls like to hangout with handsome guys: if you are a male in Nigeria who love to hangout with female you will receive lots of insults if you are not handsome. The girls love it and feel more comfortable hanging out with the handsome male folks. See Also: 25 Tips On How To Be A Good Boyfriend

2. The six-packs girls: Most girls in Nigeria likes guys that are bodily built with muscles and 6 packs as its been called. They feel these type of guys look more attractive in physique and also have the strength to stand for them in case there is a fight.

3. Money: well, everyone loves money but the Nigerian girls love guys who are loaded with money irrespective of where the guys get it from. they need a guy who can foot their bill and give them the kind of life they desire… they love flirting.

4. Car[s]: Its the expected of a Nigerian guy who has attained the adult hood to be drivinga car, whether they own it or not. the girls like to cruise around private cars with the loud stereo playing, sitting in front seats and probably the air conditioner is on when going out or coming in.

5. Charisma: Every girl in Nigeria likes someone who is able to carry himself high and speak with confidence and authority, someone who can be be proud of wherever and whenever they are together.

6. Liars: Though literally nobody loves a liar, what i mean by liars is that a guy who can confidently speak a lie to make it look like the sincere truth is so much loved by most Nigerian girls. you might actually not believe this but it is the sincere truth, do your research and find out yourself.

7. The Brilliant One: All girls love brilliant and smart guys, smart in talking, thinking fast and be able to solve problems when called upon, they tend to build their world around such guys because they feel such guys can be a problem solver to them.

8. The Fashionable Ones: The Nigerian girls love fashion so much and they would want a guy to do same, if you are a guy who loves and knows how to dress you will create so much attraction for yourself from girls both beautiful and not so beautiful ones[ i refuse to say ugly].

9. The jokers: Girls love people who will make them laugh and happy, if they notice you are that kind of person they will want to come close to you.

10. Do you have Height: Girls love guys with height at least a little bit taller than them, they feel such a relationship will look sexy and attractive especially when they step out together.

11. Are you easy going person: Girls take time to study guys even from afar off, you might not actually know she is studying your ways. A girl would want to know if you are an easy going person rather than a difficult one, are you easy to talk to, do you listen or do you take corrections other than been forceful and always want to have your way at all times.

12. The combination of all physical attraction: Most girls dream of a perfect man but i must say, is any one really perfect, i guess not. There are these type of girls that want a guy to be attractive physically, in hair style, teeth, body type, eyes and many more. if you are physically attractive, you will likely win the heart of many.

13. Being Respectful: Nobody would like to be seen or referred to as unmannerly type of person generally not to talk of being attractive to girls. A girl would expect a guy to be respectful to peer groups and elderly ones. If you are the respectful type, you will attract lots of attention from the female folks. See Also: 10 Types Of Women That Self-sabotage Their Relationships Unknowingly

14. Attractive smile: Are you the smiling type, then you can also have a place in a girls heart, women love people who have attractive smiles because it makes you look sexy and attractive, not putting on a weird face that would scare them away.

15. Gestures: Girls expect a guy to be a giver, as a matter of fact, i have not seen a girl who likes a stingy person. If a girl finds out that you are the giving or helping type that will want to draw their attention to you, in fact they would want you to notice them because they believe a relationship with you automatically means you will also be giving them especially money, gifts and more.

16. Talented or skillful: A girl would like a boy who is talented and skillful. If you get so much praises for been good at your skills, a girl would be attracted to you. For example if you can sing and you are been called up on a stage or a social gathering to sing and you sang perfectly well, i can say 80 percent of the young ladies are already attracted to you and wants your attention.

17. Honesty: In as much as i said girls love liars, they also love honest people because they can actually trust such people, if you clearly understood me when i said girls love liars, you would see that i meant guys who are confident in themselves when lying and can actually make you thing they are speaking the truth while some others love honest people who speaks the truth always.

18. Compliments: A guy who has sweet words and can be able to tell it to a girl can win a girls heart. They may likely dont want to come close to you but if you make your advances at them and tell them this already cooked sweet words you have in you as a talent, lol, then they are likely to give you a chance, because all girls love compliments, for example you see her smiling and you tell her, hmmm, you have a nice smile or you see her with a new hairstyle and you compliment her by saying baby girl your hairstyle looks good on you… with these they become flattered and always want to come close to you.

19. Protective: Every lady wants a guy who can protect them and be able to stand for them always, if a lady notice this about you been protective, she might likely want to be with you. so ladies expects a guy to be protective. In as much as they love a guy been protective they also hate it when someone is overly protective, they actually need a breathing space and a private time for themselves, but if you are been too nosy they will not want to be close to you.

20. Hardworking: A lady would expect a guy to be hardworking and not some lazy bone who would be a pain to them, that is why most times when you walk up to a girl for dating they start asking questions [See 100 questions to ask your partner in a relationship] about what do you do for a living, and if nothing is your answer, she may likely run away.

Now That we have talked about what girls expect from a guy, you should be able to access yourself and see why girls do not chat with you after seeing you or exchanging contacts, probably you do not fall into any of these category to have a place in their heart, so what you should do is try as much as possible to be yourself there is a specialty in every man that will make him stand out. This special gift will make the girls love you even if you do not posses any of the above mentioned expectations.

Possible Reasons Why The Nigerian Girl Ignores You On Social Media Chat

Possible Reasons Why The Nigerian Girl Ignores You On Social Media Chat
Social Media Chat

1. She is probably tired of chatting with you because she doesn’t fancy it.

2. It could be Network issue in the area she live in.

3. At a particular time she might not chat with you when you really need to chat with her due to the fact that she is busy doing something else while she is online. See Also: 10 Great Tips On How To Make People Like You Instantly

4. Probably she slept off while chatting on the phone, it could be with all the people she is chatting with and not only you.

5. Probably your chat is boring because of the way you chat, the things you say she doesn’t enjoy them.

6. She is probably seriously chatting with someone else probably her bestie.

7. She is done with you. She has really exhausted all what she could say with you and need to stop chatting.

8. She doesn’t value you, probably you are not what she could get from a guy, to her you are offline even when you are online.

9. Some girls are rude and proud, she might actually be rotating the chat in which today is not your turn.

10. You are disturbing her for something she is not willing to give or probably forcing her to say what she doesn’t want to say, of cause she will have to leave the conversation because she is no longer comfortable.

11 Another guy is making her happy.

12. She is indirectly telling you a goodnight if its a late night chat.

13. It could also mean that at that particular time she wants to have her rest and her data is on, so it indicates she is online.

14. She is probably taking you for a fool, even when you challenge her she gives silly excuses, but never to worry she is only telling you to loose focus and trust in her

15. She probably has a boyfriend and do not take another guy seriously

16. She could probably not be the chatting type

17. She could probably have some other entertaining stuff while on the social media app.

If you fall into these category of a girl or girls ignoring your chat, you should self develop yourself in a way they will come after you instead of you looking out for them. [See 25 tips on how to be a good boyfriend] You should have it in mind that nobody is perfect, irrespective of you not literally attractive to them you could also pave your way into their lives and become a star in their world if you really practice these things mentioned in this article. But of a truth i have not seen anybody who doesn’t have more than two of these qualities mentioned above.

One thing you should take into consideration is that everyone cant be for you, that is why we are humans. People who have great charisma do not attract everyone talk more of those who do not have. If you posses most of these qualities of what a girl expect from a guy and these particular lady still ignores your chat on social media, and when you see her physically, she gives you excuses that do not worth it, then you should leave her alone because very soon she will start taking you for a ride.

This content/article might seem too condemning, like i am actually talking bad of the ladies, No, i get this issue from people that they are been ignored by ladies so i had to do my little research and made my findings. So it does not necessarily offend a particular person but its a generally related article, what the guy must do that a lady expects in order to win her heart.

Do you need dating tips, you can check other post to get more enlightened on dating and relationship matters or if you need a counselor/coach to offer advise, you can contact me through our contact us page and we will be there for you.

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