Avocado: 17 Health Benefits of Avocado and Reasons to Eat It

17 health benefits of avocado

17 Proven Health Benefits and Reasons to Eat Avocado

Avocado is a highly nutritious food you could ever think of, but to my widest imagination some people don’t actually like this fruit, complaining about the taste but I actually think it’s a good food for consumption. Avocado is a good source of Vitamin E, K, C and B-6 as well as potassium, magnesium, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, and niacin folate. They can be a good source of providing Fatty acids, beta-carotene and lutein.

17 health benefits of avocado

There are so many benefits we can get from avocado which are very healthy to our body. Let’s look at some of them.

17 health benefits of the Avocado and Reasons to eat it

1. Avocado makes a person very healthy:
Avocado is one of the nicest fruit, I sometimes wonder why people do not eat this type of pear, I must say they lack knowledge about the benefits of eating it. Avocado makes one healthy

2. It helps in maintaining your skin: Avocado pear is rich in vitamin C as rightly said which helps in skin maintenance which makes it glamour. I would recommend avocado pear for any skin beauty person.

3. It aids loss of weight: Are you the fat type or the type of person who wants to maintain a specific body type, Avocado can be just right for you. Avocado pear causes weight loss

4. It maintains good eye sight: As you begin to age you begin to see the health benefits of avocado pear because it helps in clarity of the eyes therefore making use of your eyes at old age won’t be a problem. Try as much as possible to take it bi-weekly or on weekly basis, it helps alot

5. It helps builds the brain for lasting memory: Everyone needs avocado pear, if you don’t like it you need to reconsider in trying to make it an habit. Avocado builds the brain and boost memory

6. Prevention of disease: Avocado pear helps in the prevention of certain diseases, it builds up the immune system to be very strong.

7. It helps in the reduction of Heart diseases: The consistent taking-in of avocado pear helps prevent the risk of heart diseases. It has been researched that women mostly fall into the category of health challenge, so it is advisable to take avocado pear consistently to avoid the risk of having a health diseases.

8. Digestion: Fruits generally improve digestion but Avocado pear helps a lot in fastening digestion which is good for health. Avocado pear when taken between 3-5 minutes after eating is a good way to improve digestion.

9. It helps prevent body disorder: if you take avocado pear consistently it helps fight against brain or any body parts disorder.

10. It helps reduce osteoarthritis: Osteoarthritis is a body joints pain that occurs at certain period either on short or long term period. Making Avocado as part of your meal either daily, bi- weekly, or weekly will help reduce or ease arthritis.

11. Depression: You might actually wonder how Avocado pear can reduce or lower risk of depression, yes, it really does, try it and study your daily affairs you will observe that it really works.

12. Nutrition: it helps improve your nutrition and a balanced diet. There are certain kind meal we take in daily which are not 100 percent of a balanced diet per say but avocado included in the meal can go a long way to make it better.

13. The issue of Diabetes: Avocado pear reduces the risk of Diabetes. If you have found out that you are a victim of Diabetes, it will help in prevention and control.

14. It also helps your liver from been damage: You should try as much as possible to take avocado pear to help reduce the risk of any symptom of liver damage.

15. Healthy Pregnancy: Have you considered having Avocado pear included in your meal when you are pregnant, if not, try and do so because it helps in healthy Pregnancy.

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16. Cancer treatment: Are you surprised!! Of course not, Avocado has lots of health benefits including cancer treatment. Cancer is a deadly diseases and should not be taken lightly, early treatment helps to reduce the risk of it’s hazard. Try as much as possible to take in Avocado pear because it works fast in the body system in the reduction and prevention of cancer

17. It prevents diseases to the gum: If you are having difficulty on chewing or eating as a result of certain diseases affecting your gums, Avocado can be a great source to prevent such disease, that’s if you take them regularly.

Tips You Should Know About Avocado Pear

1. Is Avocado good for your daily consumption? As we should have known by now that Avocado pear is a very nutritious fruit and comes with alot of health benefits. Daily consumption of Avocado pear is good for you and should be a good practice, they are delicious and nutritious, fun to consume, it’s a good source of monounsaturated fats which helps in the reduction of heart diseases as have rightly said. Please ensure the fruit is thoroughly washed before consumption and best taken when ripe.

2. Are there any side effects from the consumption of Avocado pear??

Well, there are no side effects from the consumption of Avocado pear as a matter of fact it’s benefits explained above are what we will get from the construction of it. Some people do apply the oil on their skin because it very good for the skin in terms of skin moisturizing when it’s been done consistently for like 3 to 4 months. Although I have heard of a case where a lady said she had itches when applying it for the first 2 months and after that it came back to normal. Avocado is good for the body generally.

3. What would likely happen when you eat avocado everyday??

As earlier said avocado is good for your health but it is advisable to go for the ripe ones which were carefully researched on and found out these benefits. As per say it’s dangers from daily consumption, there is none, consistent eating of this fruit helps alot.

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