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What men want in a relationship to be successful

What Do Men Really Want In A Relationship For It To Be Successful

First date are very important to take note in our relationship life because it actually defines what we want, what next, and how far the relationship will go. First date can be very deceptive, most people pretend to be what they are not in first date.

Ways To Come Out from An Awful First Date

Most people really end up in having a very bad first date because they were not prepared for it. First date needs a good preparation because first impression matters alot. You should be able to create a good first impression, this further involves if the relationship will be taken to the next step or not, and where there is no good first impression, everything will be sabotaged.

On your first date, you have just a few minutes or hours to make that good impression. A good impression will create a long-lasting memory and connection or it will make the person want to meet you for the second time.

First date are most times terrifying, there are lots of things which can occur and sometimes things don’t go the way we plan it. Some moments you will be so caught up that you lack things to say.

A bad dates can make you feel very awful and embarrassed as well, but that doesn’t mean you can’t recover from it. Sometimes your first date can start really bad and end up well, it is very good to start well in any relationship with anyone but if you start on the wrong foot, there is still a possibility of a long lasting relationship, sometimes even the most embarrassing moments end up real good.

Well, if you feel you had a really bad date, here is how to come out and make things right and of course this can happen through a second date.

6 Ways To Come out From An Awful and Embarrassing First Date.

  1. Analyse What Happened:

Strategically there are few things you must have done that made you feel your first date wasn’t good enough. The things you say, were you too anxious, or been rude, were you obsessed with the venue, or probably did you say something to offend him/her. These and many more you should ponder on to serve as guide for you to make adjustments and amendments.

You probably won’t want anything bad to ruin your date with anyone else or a second date with same person so you should ensure learn from mistakes made by doing a self-reflection and analysing the moments.

  1. Ask for forgiveness:

Having realised you messed up the first date with someone, the best you can do is to apologize to that person for been rude or whatever the case may be.

If peradventure the awful first was a silly part from you then you should be humble and sincerely apologize but if it was as a result of anxiety, nervousness or been too reserved when you were suppose to speak up and answer certain questions, then all you need do is to work on yourself and try as much as possible to improve your self-esteem.

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Relationship should not be so difficult, as a matter of fact, first date is to relatively talk about yourself both past and present, so therefore your partner should be able to understand your flaws.

  1. Request for a second date:

If you feel your first date was really a big mess, it’s time to make amends, and how can you do this, it’s by having a second date. Calls and text could actually fix the problem but a big mess can’t be solved by just call and text but have a one-on-one brief talk with such person.

Immediately after your first date, it is not advisable to set up a second date it will be too obvious and risky to to your personal life. First, you have to ask for their apology and seek a second date, choose a venue you are comfortable with and also seek their approval.

Several ways to come out from an awful and embarrassing first date
  1. Be Calm:

Yes, you have made some little errors and really want to fix it, what you can do first is to make a call or text explaining what went wrong, wether they accepted it or not should not make you feel guilty to the extent you feel imbalance emotionally, you should try and give them some space if peradventure they threw your apology to your face.

This is the time to maintain a high self-esteem, the moment you become too anxious to recieve their text or calls you begin to feel over-bearing.

  1. Be Yourself:

This is one of the important way to have a perfect first date, you don’t have to fake your character just to please someone you barely know. Your first date shouldnt mean a perfect date, remember you are going out with a stranger, you can’t be compatible with everyone, as a matter of fact, a bad date doesn’t make you a horrific or bad person. You might actually have the best of Character when it comes to relationship but first date is always a problem.

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A bad first date shouldnt make you change who you are. In general, bad characters aren’t good but if you have a good character you will surely be every man’s choice wether on first date or not. First date don’t actually define the outcome of any Successful relationship, as we tend to see yourself more often, you begin to understand yourselves better.

  1. Acknowledge you can’t be perfect in a day:

As we do things more often we learn from our mistakes to become perfect, you cant just know all except you actually experience a few and look for better ways to avoid making same mistakes. Have this mindset that no one is perfect. Once your mindset is positive about the whole stuff, you will become a better version of yourself.

15 Things Men Really Need In A Relationship For It To Be Successful

It’s been a perception that men are difficult being while some say women are the most difficult being, well been difficult or easy going is an individual attitude and not generalising it. Well, am here to give a clearer picture of what men want in a relationship. Men at times can be difficult if we have to generalise it, but there are ways you can handle your own man, first of all you have to understand the kind of man you are dating or in marriage with and then also make yourself understandable in order to make things work well for you both.

15 this thing men really want in a relationship

Men are like books you have no interest in, and of course books you don’t have interest in will be very difficult to understand. So to understand men you have to first have great deal of interest, always pay attention to their words, there is everything thing you can’t get from what they have to say. Men are not secretive if they try love, they can share everything with you if only you are willing to listen.

In every relationship there is what both partners tend to achieve, the men want something from the relationship likewise the women.

When we much younger, we don’t really know what we want or what we can get from a relationship, we just love and we want to be loved back. As we grow older we begin to understand how relationships work, and sometimes even as adults we have fully not understand what we really want in relationships.

In as much as men want more from their relationship, women also want much more, and both gender expectations are different from each other. On the long run, we clearly found out we all want same thing in our relationship, it’s just to reciprocate all we give out, for example if a man gives love, he also wants love in return, and same with the woman.

Well, as explained by few guys, let’s look at a few things men really want in relationship.

As we get older and more matured, we begin to outline what we want in a relationship and these things are what shod be meaningful and long lasting to us and more also satisfy us.

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  1. Positive and Geniune feeling:

Men wants love from any woman they have shown interest in, they want to have this feeling that there is a woman out there who cares about them and they are always eager to be around such a woman.

  1. Cuddling:

Men wants to be cuddled and have the feeling of intimacy. As a matter of fact who doesn’t want to be cuddled, it’s a good feeling that everyone desire from that special person.

  1. Been Missed:

A Man wants to have this feeling that there is someone out there who actually misses his presence. Someone who will not be comfortable wherever she is until he finds his man beside her. If a man sense this feeling from his woman they tend to love the woman with great pleasure.

  1. Accommodating:

Men wants a woman who is accommodating irrespective of the background, race or character one have. They love a woman who can entertain them when they are bored. As a matter fact if you are a very entertaining person if a man is bored the first person he would think of is his woman.

  1. A Good Cook:

Men love food, and they get great satisfaction from a good food. If you can cook, you have a key to a man’s heart. If don’t know how to cook, you should learn how to prepare good meals because you will be the first person to be called on when your man is hungry or needs you to prepare a special meal for him.

  1. A Forgiving person:

A Man wants a woman who can forgive easily in a relationship. Everyone is bound to make mistakes but what is the forgiving ability of your partner, if you have someone who forgives easily then you have a good partner which is what men wants. They want to be assuredly assured that anytime they make mistakes they will be forgiven rather than using their mistakes against them.

  1. A Supportive woman:

Men wants a woman who is supportive in all aspects of the relationship, they need someone who will always be there for when they are are emotional or physically down. Life becomes much more easier when you know there is someone who will support you in anything you are trying to do.

What do men really want in a relationship

8. Smart and Hardworking woman:

if you are smart, hardworking and adventurous, then you are good to go. A woman who takes on an adventure just to surprise her man, it actually spices up a relationship. A lazy woman will be much hated by a man because a lazy woman only be a problem to the man and nothing more.

9. A Communicative person:

Communication is very important in any relationship, any woman who lacks proper commutation skill will only be a problem in the home. Comunication brings intimacy and intimacy brings acceptance.

10. Doing things in common:

Partners who do things in common tend to stay longer in a relationship. If a man and a woman share same interest especially with something they have never experienced before, it brings intimacy.

11. Receptive person:

Men likes and wants women with a receptive heart, a woman whom they can share their pains, their day’s activities with. If a woman is ready to listen and profer solutions and encouragement to a man’s need then you will be very much needed and appreciated by the man.

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12. They want to be pampered:

Men like to be treated like babies, the caring, pampering and all that… In other words a peace of mind will do.

Things Men need in a relationship to make it successful

13. Love and affection:

Men wants to be loved unconditionally and shown so much affection. It’s a great feeling to actually feel that someone besides your family and friends actually truly love. This is what men wants.

14. Romantic:

Men like romance scenes and they want to get it from their relationship.

15. Understand them:

Men wants a woman who understands them and also be able to calm them in times of bad situations like when they are angry. Some men are actually hot temperd so they love someone who will be able to restrict them in a loving way from taking unpleasant actions.

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So far we have been able to discuss two topics linking together which are ways to come out of an awful and embarrassing first date and also what guys or men really want in a relationship.

Please feel free to drop your comments and suggestions or if you need a counselor, you can contact me through the contact page of this website.

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