11 Lies Partners Tell Themselves That Is Not Bad

11 lies partner tell themselves

You Can Tell Your Partner Certain Lies To Make Your Relationship Healthy

11 Lies Partners Tell Themselves That Is Not Bad

Relationship has its glamour, that is the essentials to make it a lively one. It’s good you should take your relationship seriously but when you are been too serious you make your relationship boring and unhealthy.

Honesty is good in every sector of life mostly in relationships, when you are been honest you make your partner trust you which will make you enjoy it to the fullest.

Have you been in a relationship where your activities look boring and uninteresting this is a result of taking the relationship too serious by one or both partners. This mostly happens when there’s lack of understanding because when you make certain jokes your partner feels insulted or abused by such comments, so there is tend to be arguments or misunderstanding, so in that way both partners should decide to keep away jokes that will lead to quarrel or fight.

As a matter of fact, I would recommend this for every relationship or marriage because, it actually makes the relationship very interesting. Let me break it down for you, sometimes I may decide to play a prank on my partner, to me it is joke and i am trying to make the relationship lively but on the side of my partner it my look or sound abusive so, you both should decide the kind of lifestyle you want to live. See Also 25 Tips On How To Be A Good Boyfriend

I would say that, this should start in the beginning of the relationship so that, as you both grow old in the relationship, you begin to understand yourselves.

In relationships, it has been observed that if you are not free with your partner, telling him or her your secrets, your pain, your joy, your feelings both positively or negatively, there is a high chance that the relationship will not last, because you guys ignore what matters most, and this could be a big problem in the relationship.

Truth, honesty, trust and transparency is very important in any relationship. Where partners are not transparent with each other, it will give room for secrets and keeping secrets in a relationship is very dangerous. You have to gain the trust of your partner to be able to joke with certain things of course which includes lying. The ability of your partner to know when you are joking and been truthful shows a sign of a healthy relationship. All through have been talking about truth, honesty, or transparency in a relationship because they are very important.

Please take note: Do not begin your relationship with lying or irrelevant jokes because if you continue like this you might actually sabotage your relationship, but first ensure you gain the trust of your partner by been transparent and honest, then comes joking, the essence of this joke is to make the relationship lively and not for self-interest only.

You should know when and when not to make certain jokes, it shouldn’t be too obvious because too much of it can destroy your relationship, so, you should always look out for the mood of your partner, time to crack such a joke, and it should not be too serious to cause problem between you guys.

Well, these are Lies You Can Tell Your Partner That Is Not A Problem:

11 Lies Partners Tell Themselves That Is Not Bad

1. Compliments: this mean telling your partner everything is in good place while everything looks lesser than the actual truth. I don’t know if you understand me, let’s say your partner cooks for you but it was too salty, what should you say or do in this case? In this case you don’t have to react like she has committed an atrocity but rather you can say “honey your meal taste wonderful” you don’t have to blow up like you want to condemn her for been imperfect. See Also: What Are The Ways to Know If You Are A Wife Material

It could be you guys are dressed for an outing, and probably you don’t like the dress she is putting on, you could just tell her ” Honey this dress looks good on you but the blue one will look perfect, maybe you should try it.”

2. Agreement before disagreement: What I actually mean is that, there are times when your partner may actually be suggesting a contrary opinion to what you feel or think it’s right, instead of you to openly rebuke him or her you could make simple comments that will not make your partner look awful. Firstly, you listen attentively to what he or she has to say before you make your comments rather than rudely disrupting the whole conversation.

When your partner is making a conversation you could agree with him or her by nodding your head in agreement or say short comments like “I agree with you” but within you he is not perfectly right.

3. When you say “I love you more than what you love most”: With this I mean when you tell your partner you love him or her more than what you love most. Let’s say you love ice- cream so much, and she knows you really do, you could tell her “I love you more than ice-cream” of course she knows this is a lie, but she is comfortable with it. Deep down within your partner, they just want you to love them as much as you place love on the things you love most, but they don’t want to start blaming you for placing value on things over them.

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4. When you say am fine, and you are not totally fine: Sometimes it’s a feeling you want to be alone, or sometimes you just don’t want to share your pains to anyone, it happens alot. At these times your partner would want to talk to you and share in your burden.

On the contrary, there other cases where you just felt to be pampered and be loved so, you just pretend not to be alright so that your partner can show you some love, pamper you and treat you special, if this is the case, you might say this is a lie that is worth telling, in fact it spices up your relationship.

5. “I understand” when you actually don’t: You may agree with me that it’s not everything you should argue with your partner. There certain difficult conversation that can lead to misunderstanding or even cause a quarrel between you guys but you just have to show you agree when you don’t actually do just to avoid problems.

Please take note, if it’s an instruction from your partner to carry out a certain task, and you don’t understand please do ask him to explain better for you to get the details of what he is saying, but if it’s an argument or trying to prove a point, you should act like you understand when you don’t actually understand just for peace to reign between you guys, then later you could just ask him about it in an understanding way.

6. The “I don’t think so”: This happens a lot and is also a cause of problem in some relationships. Your boyfriend or girlfriend may ask you if his friend or her friend is beautiful and attractive, you might want to make the mistake of saying he or she is and that’s the truth but if your partner ask you such question you should go contrary to what he expects you to say, but of a truth you know his or her friend is really beautiful and attractive.

So, your partner may ask you, is John my friend handsome and hot? What your reply should be is that “I don’t think so, you are far hotter than him” because that’s what your partner wants to hear, but within you, you know he is hotter and attractive than your boyfriend. This is one of the common lies you can tell your partner and be safe in the relationship.

7. Comparison: Most people don’t like to be compared to other people, but when you classify them as the best over others they tend to be happy. Your partner should be your best over others, even when he or she is not actually the best. People in love and relationship like to be pampered, cared for, so telling your partner romantic words could go a long way to strengthen your relationship.

For instance, you can tell your partner he is the most handsome human on earth but of course you both know he isn’t, this actually makes him feel good and appreciated.

8. “I can do everything for you”: This of course we know it’s impossible, of a truth and in reality you can’t do everything for somebody. This is just a hyperbole or exaggeration. Everyone in relationship will accept this kind of lie because it demonstrates how much you love your partner.

9. False appreciation: Your Partner may buy you some clothes or a gift item that you don’t really like but because it’s coming from your partner you show appreciation.

10. “I will be ready soon”: This is common with women so much that its been seen as normal among them. A woman can take up to several hours to prepare for an outing and tell you she will be ready in 5 minutes, of course, as a man, you know this is a lie that is accepted.

11. “She is your past”: This means she doesn’t really care about your past relationships, but she is very observant as to make sure she is in no competition with anyone.

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We have seen certain lies you can comfortably tell your partner and your partner won’t be mad about it, as a matter of fact it spices up your relationship to a healthy one. Relationship are best enjoyed when both partners understand themselves, so look out for measures or ways to make it a good one.

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