11 Hidden Signs Of A Cheating Man You Don’t Know

11 Hidden Signs Of A Cheating Man You Don't Know

11 Signs You Should Know From A Man Who Cheats

Cheating nowadays has been an ideal thing to do without the cheat feeling guilty about it. You are married or into a relationship and you still decides to cheat, well there may be few reasons to justify the fact that you cheat but I put it to you that no reason is justifiable enough to carry out such an act.

11 Hidden Signs Of A Cheating Man You Don't Know

As a matter of fact you are only destroying your relationship with someone who really cares about you. Well…., Like I said earlier, there may be some reasons you cheat due to fault from the end of your partner, but there are better ways to iron out such issues.

Have you been in a situation where you feel and think your partner is cheating on you but you aren’t sure of it, in this article I will discuss several signs to note that your partner is actually cheating on you. So many have this mindset that they can’t be with someone forever and don’t cheat on him/her, this is a wrong perspective about Relationship and a wrong mindset. As a matter of fact the moment you begin to have this idealogy then you are prone to have a cheating nature.

At recent times, it’s been observed that men cheat more than the women. We all have heard of people who talk about the men who try to make every statement and actions in their favor, for example like they accuse the female of looking into their private life by snitching around him or look into his phone, these are a very sure signs that he is guilty of what you are trying to know him for.

Through series of researching through a questionnaire, several men who have actually cheated on the past were asked so many signs of a cheating man, but most them said the obvious signs are just coming home late, hiding their phones but there are other hidden signs that only a very observant woman would know about. Some of them actually said a man can cheat for a very long period of time before the woman can actually find out. Well, here are few signs you should know if your partner(boyfriend or husband) may be cheating on you.

11 Hidden Signs Of Cheating Man You Don’t Know.


1. His Normal Behavior Changes:

You have been married to your husband or in a relationship with your boyfriend for months or even years, there are behaviors you know him for, there are certain things he does on a normal basis and so if he switches such behavior, you begin to have a troubling mind. This is the more reason you should know the daily activities of your husband or boyfriend or certain habits he cannot do without, this will serve as a guide to you when the need arises.

You know your husband to be a very free or open person and all of a sudden he begins to change his character. For example, he is the type of person that can freely leave his phone on the couch without any security but in recent times you begin to notice he usually goes to a quiet place to receive calls, his phone no have a security lock, therefore he is binding something from of which cheating can be one of them.

What To Do:

On a normal basis it’s not good to interfare into the privacy of someone, but when it becomes too obvious the signs you are seeing, and you don’t feel too comfortable with, I will suggest you talk to him first so that he will understand you are reading the signs.

Do not for any reason begin to blame him for cheating when you don’t have concrete reasons to back up your suspicion, if you do that you can actually ruin or self sabotage your relationship

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2. Men become unpredictable when they need to make excuses: This is a common behavior for whoever tries to hide certain things from someone in order not to get noticed. But this behaviour is common with those who cheat especially the men, suddenly they begin to change their behavior, they look for excuses to get away with something in order not to be caught, some go as far as initiating a quarrel or a fight while some others become too nice and overly protective.

You should know these signs, when the man you love and know he is did not practice such behavior right from the start of the marriage or relationship, then it’s a sure sign he is cheating, you might get carried away with his nice gesture that you don’t notice what’s in the cupboard.

If he is the kind of person that discuss and tells you when and where he goes to, and all of a sudden he doesn’t mention where he goes to or who he hangs out with. As a matter of fact if a person truly loves and rally care about, he tells you even his deepest secrets, for the fact that he doesn’t then there must be something fishy.

What To Do:

You should be observant in your relationship, you should know your partner very much to the extent when he tries to lie, you quickly detect it. As a matter of fact intimacy is very good in the relationship, when you become intimate with him, you know his deepest secrets in that way you can easily know if he is cheating or not.

A wise woman would not change a good behavior because his man dis but rather try as much as possible win him back to his normal life, when you notice your partner has changed his behavior, you should know how to talk to him to make him see reason to love only and no one ones, try to tell him that any negative behavior could actually Sabotage your relationship.

3. A man who cheat actually loose weight: What I mean by this, is not loosing weight to their disadvantage but advantage, they loose weight to look more attractive physically and look sexy, he begins to have time to really take care of himself. He dresses up neatly, styling his hair, ironing his clothes like he is going for a world class event.

When you notice this behavior which he didn’t do when you guys started your relationship or probably he does but not on regular basis then you should note that your husband or boyfriend is actually cheating on you.

His love for you begin to diminish, he no longer finds you attractive and interesting, he no longer go as with you like he used to do, then you should be upright and fight for your relationship.

What To Do:

Don’t you think you no longer do what he actually loves you doing, check yourself and see the areas you have not been performing your duties. Be the person he actually loves.

4. His love and taste for something begins to change: At a point in time a man who is in love begins to have changes in personalities. It is not wrong to try out on new things but if this change does not include or your activities or the relationship as a whole then you should look out for what’s coming up next. If a man wants to change, it should be the one that will make the relationship more stronger than before other than that such change is not a good one.

For example, if he likes rap music so much he can’t do without listening to it in a day, and of a sudden he begins to listen to blues or rythm and blues because those kind songs match up his feeling at the moment, it could be that he is thinking about the other woman or the love he has for her is going too high. You should also take this sign into consideration. You might think it’s normal to switch taste of music but have you asked why he suddenly change his kind of music and gear what he has to say. A person with this act could be cheating on you, its a sign to note.

5. He begins to merge memories together: Because he sharing his time and memories with two women they begin to conflict each other. We are humans and can’t be 100% right at all times, sometimes we can think we have done certain things while we haven’t attempted it. What I mean by this, the man spends much time with his mistress as much time as he spends with you, so he begins to think certain things he does with his mistress was actually with you.

For example, he and his mistress watched a movie and enjoyed it, he then comes home, after some days he begins to discuss same movie with you and ask you about certain scenes he thought you guys both laughed about. This and many more similar mistakes he will begin to make, so it’s left for you to reason it and some times you could ask him about it, I know of course he will try to deny it but his response could actually give you a clue of what is going on. A man who does similar behavior is actually cheating on you.

What To Do: Question him politely about certain behaviors you observed in him, list out his mistakes and throw your questions, if he is actually free from guilty his response will be sincere but if he is guilty his response will be ungeniune and wavering.

11 signs of a cheating man you should know

6. He begins to feel his privacy matters much to him: Because he doesn’t want to be caught in the act, he begins to see his privacy as his top priority. Most times men wants much from a woman what they can’t really get from just one, so they try to diversify their methods of getting what they want from different women. When he begins to think cheating is the best way to get satisfied, the then looks for a mistress to have an affair with.

You know of course he won’t want you know about this mistress so he tries as much as possible to hide it from you. He begins to give excuses to go out, his phones and gadget are under strict supervision and security, he begins to have much time in his rest room so that he can quietly chat his mistress on social media, he goes to work very early and comes back very late, and also begins to make private calls.


This is one of the sign of a cheating man, you should know this and act very fast before he gets used to it. The faster you understand him the better it becomes.

7. You Loose Attention As A Wife: As a woman what we want in a man in love, care and attention, and when we don’t get these things from our man, then you know there is something wrong in the relationship. At first when you guys started as lovers, you were shown so much love, care and attention that you wish shoul hid never end, but all of a sudden you discover your man no longer shows you love, care and attention as much as he use to do, then you should know there is something going on, in which cheating is said to be among.

If you discover that the sex life is decreasing rapidly, you should know there’s something wrong with him or you have probably offended him or there is somebody out there who is satisfying him sexually. If you know within you that you did not offend him, you should ask him what’s wrong with him that he no longer gives you his time. He begins to find more pleasure with the mistress and come home complaining he is tired and needed to have a rest. A sudden development of this character gives a sign he is cheating on you.

What To Do:

As a woman who needs has lost attention and needs to be shown attention should be ready to give attention even when the person doesn’t need it, this will show the man you still really care about him and also make him to see no reason for cheating. What makes a woman to loose attention is the inability to actually own your man, some women believes after the wedding, there’s nothing to do anymore other than just take care of kids when they start coming. You work daily to maintain a good relationship with your partner, as a matter fact it is because you feel reluctant and do not do the neccessary things you ought to do that causes a man to having the mindset of having an affair with a mistress.

8. He keeps his finance a secret:

If you guys actually have a joint account, it will be a little bit difficult to make a transaction without your notice but on the other hand, if it’s a personal account then he make his spendings the way he likes it. A man who is cheating on you would not want to make his financial transactions open to you, he will try as much as possible to keep it a secret. During this period of cheating he will be making extra expenses of which he doesn’t do on a normal basis.

He begins to make expenses like paying for hotel accommodation, buying clothes, shopping, credit transfers, and so many more, and of course these expenses are not for the home but his mistress. A cheating man would not want you to see this all of these transactions so that you won’t suspect a thing. When you try to make him plan with you, he will make excuses just to avoid a conversation with you especially when it has to do with finance.

What To Do:

If peradventure you know your man as someone who likes to plan with you and all of a sudden, you can’t seem to under his recent behaviors, he no longer have a deep conversation or plan with you,then you should know there is something fishy. Let’s say you suspect your man of cheating, try as much as possible to know what is the source of income, how he spends money, then relate it with the family’s need and expenses, then you would know if he spends money outside or not.

9. He gets so occupied: Of course, too much work load can get you so occupied that you barely have time for other important things, this can be a geniune reason for not having a quality time with his family but on the contrary this might just be one of his many excuses just to have a good time with his mistress. His activities begin to match up even when he has nothing to do. On a weekend, he normally have time for his family because he is off-work, but because he wants to meet with his mistress, he is going to tell you he is having a whole lot of work to do at the office.

“My new manager is very strict and would want us to work tirelessly through out the day and even overtime” meanwhile he has closed from work at the early hours of the evening.

“I will be having a business trip for two weeks” meanwhile he has booked an hotel where he and his mistress would have a nice time together.

These and many more excuses you are likely to hear from him, you just have to be smart enough to do what’s right in order to protect your relationship.

10. His Gadgets becomes his closet companion: I won’t advice anyone to be closely snitching on your partners phone or gadgets, but I would say you should closely observe the way he handles his phone, PC, or any other gadgets, not because he is careful but because he is secretive. When you find out that your partner becomes addicted or too close to hs phone unlike before, you should always pay attention to the applications he installs, his emails, and other things he doesn’t want you to know about.

The first suspicious signs of a cheating man is his phone, once he starts his g his phone that means there are certain things he doesn’t want you to know about, after his phone then you can gradually and patiently look out for all these signs that are mentioned above to clear have an evidence he is cheating on you.

11. When he is been hostile with you: As your partner gradually finds comfort with his mistress he begins to see you as a disturbance to him. He becomes hostile with you, if he never beats you, he begins to try and raise his hands on you.

Well, we have been able to point out some great hidden signs that your partner is cheating on you, I hope you get the picture. This proof aren’t 100 percent, the only time you can be 100 percent sure if he is cheating is when he is caught in the act, otherwise do not forcefully accuse him of cheating, if you do so, you can be ruining your relationship.

You should be very careful not to make accusations without proper backup, if you suspect him of cheating, one of the best method to handle things is to sit him down and have a really deep and Intimate conversation, talk to him about what you feel and express yourself in a polite manner, make him see reasons and the consequence of what cheating might lead him to.

Well, if you need counselling or help on relationship matters like this or rated to this, you an actually talk to me through the following platforms made available on the contact us page or the About me page.

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