100 Questions You Should Ask Your Partner In A Relationship

Questions You Should Ask Your Partner In A Relationship

100 Questions To Ask Your Partner For A Successful Relationship

Questions You Should Ask Your Partner In A Relationship
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In the cause of this article we shall be discussing 100 questions to ask your partner before and when in the relationship and this questions are a must if you really want your relationship to work for you. Many times we just jump into relationship and forget to put the necessary things to put in place and these things form the foundation of the relationship.

I have heard so many people complaining of how they end up bad within the first six months in a relationship moving from one relationship to another, hoping to find a better one but they fail to understand that if you don’t learn the basics of a relationship and practice them you will still not end in a good relationship or last long in any….

Okay you are about go into a relationship or you are already in one but you feel you are lacking behind in the relationship or you feel there are certain things you need to know in the relationship but you don’t know what to do, then you should relax and enjoy this article…

Please note that there are certain criteria you should meet before you consider going into any relationship like age, age matters alot, if a 16 year old girl comes to me for a relationship advice I will clearly not listen to her, and if I had to advice her, my advice would be “Go to school and read your books”

Okay, lets quickly look into 100 questions you should ask your boyfriend or girlfriend, so sit back and relax….

  • How is your past relationships and what would your past partners say about you if they were ask. This goes a long way to know the kind of person you are dating if he/she is been sincere.
  • You should ask about his/her character before going into the relationship. His/Her good and bad side matters slot. This will enable you know what he can bring into the relationship.
  • You should ask him/her if they are are perfect, if no, what are the measure they can put in place to make them a better person. He/she should be able to know their weakness and improve themselves.
  • What is his/her most precious item or possession. If you know this it can save your relationship due to the fact that it can be use as their weak-point or strength.
  • What do you fear most in your relationship?? This is also a good question to ask your boyfriend or girlfriend. This will help you know when such a thing arises and be able to handle it with it causing any problem.
  • Who inspires you?? The kind of person that inspires your partner describe him/her alot. He/she tends to act like the mentor, so you should be able to know these characters and erase the negative side of it.
  • What or Who influences your partner…. This is also a good question to ask because friends or family can be a bad or good influence to him or her. So try and know who influences him/her alot with that you can be able to monitor how he/she does things.
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  • Do you welcome the idea of family members coming to stay with us? Either a temporary or permanent stay…
  • What are the things you want people to know about you that they don’t recognize right away…
  • What are the things you are addicted to or cannot do without??
  • What do think about been intimate with your partner?? He/she be able to prove a point and enlighten you more about his view of intimacy in a relationship.
  • How do you catch fun with your partner and which has been the most exciting one??
  • How do you relax after much stress??
  • How do you handle something you are not comfortable or something that irritates you???
  • What are your major interest in terms of spending money??
  • When do you feel your relationship is perfect or near perfect??
  • How do you plan dates that are worthy to be remembered for??
  • What are the top priorities you look out for in your partner??
  • What are the things you think you do that can irritate your partner??
  • What will you do if your partner had a low libido on you have a high libido (low and high libido)??
  • What can make you angry and react quickly??
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  • Are you the submissive or the controlling type?? This will help you adjust yourself to fit into the relationship, but you need to that if both of you are on the controlling side then there will be coarse in the relationship.
  • What do you love about me??
  • What are the most precious achievements you have had so far??
  • How has you love life been? He/she should be able to tell you his/her past relationship life and how many times he has been in love
  • How do you prefer your partner to be?? What are some characters you would like him/her to have naturally??
  • How do you handle unexpected attacks either physically or emotionally??
  • What are the things you would put in place in your new relationship that you learnt from your past relationships??
  • In what ways have you felt embarrassed in your relationship??
  • How do you treat your body and which part is the most favourable to you??
  • What is your most interesting romantic activities??
  • What are the things that made you feel you are ready to be in a relationship??
  • What ignites you??
  • What is the best compliments and criticism you have received??
  • Do you fancy anything and take it as your top priority??
  • What’s your biggest setbacks?
  • Can you overlook certain things from your partner past relationships??
  • What are you so addicted to that you can never let go in your relationship even if it’s bad and affecting you??
  • What can you never joke with about your personal life??
  • Do you think there are benefits in relationship or just a waste of time and efforts??
  • What’s your perspective about polygamy or monogamy??
  • Are you happy about kids around you, and how do you feel about them??
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  • How do you handle kids especially when you become a parent??
  • What would be your reaction and mindset if peradventure your partner becomes physically challenge due to unforeseen actions??
  • What are you normally afraid of mentally physically,and otherwise??
  • What excites you the most that you enjoying doing or been involved with??
  • What are those things that your partner can/will do that will be disgusting to you??
  • What are your goals and ambitions you hope to achieve?? As a matter of fact this question should be asked right from onset of the relationship because a person without a goal in relationship life life in general cannot handle a relationship very well.
  • What are your favourites in terms of music, movies, clothing, color, TV shows, and lots more….??
  • What have you learnt in your past that had serve as a lesson to you??
  • If you are opportuned to remedy a situation in your past, what would it be??
  • What have you done in the past that you wish you never did??
  • What do you feel you should have to be above others or rather say greater than others??
  • Will you take your parents relationship life as an example to build yours??
  • What are the kind of living environment you feel is best for you and family??
  • Do you see pets in the house as a good thing?? (If you do enjoy pets)
  • What is your best meal and what time of the day do you enjoy having it ??
  • How and when do you think you are cared for??
  • Who will you never ceases to appreciate in your life and what did he/she do for you??
  • No matter how hard your secrets are, can you relate them to me??
  • How do you react when you are angry??
  • How do you handle pressure from society, family or friends??
  • When there is conflict do you involved friends and families to resolve them or you handle it on your own??
  • How do you react to jealousy or in a situation where you see your partner in places you don’t feel comfortable with??
  • What are your plans for kids in terms of education, discipline, and morals??
  • What are your plans of taking care of extended family members??
  • Are you a full mood person or frequently want to alone time??
  • What are you most hopeful about??
  • Is your partner an introvert or extrovert, you should ask!!!
  • What is your partners biggest achievements so far?? You need to ask
  • What are the things your partner likes discussing the most and what you he/she is passionate about
  • What’s your perspective of both partners becoming a working class or do you think the woman should not work??
  • In the next few years probably from 6-10 years where do you aim to be??
  • Is having a joint or shared account a good idea? If yes/no are his/her be the reasons..
  • How to you tolerate people even when they get to your nerves with their ugly behavior??
  • Are you a staunch Christian or Muslim who believes in his faith??
  • How well do you communicate?? Are you the texting, calling or social media kind of person??
  • Are you addicted to anything harmful to health or physical appearance??
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  • Did you cheat on your past partner?? If yes, why did you do it??
  • What was the reason for your past relationships breakup?
  • If you have a chance to sleep with me, will you still be interested in me or the emotions fade off??
  • How many kids do you intend having??
  • If am undergoing a prayer and fasting for the family and decides not to come in bed with you, how will you feel??
  • Have you in any way contacted STDs before? If yes, how did you handle it??
  • Do you have children from your past relationships?? If yes how many??
  • When last you got tested for STDs??
  • Do you agree that men and women can be just friends and no strings attached??
  • Do you ever have sex in dreams or by any means bed wet??
  • How long has been your previous relationships??
  • When was your first time and was it a good experience or a bad one??
  • If peradventure we fight, are you a woman beater??
  • Are you a flirt?
  • Are you a diet person??
  • Do you have any family beliefs or culture that must not be broken??
  • How will you handle a situation where I have to travel to a far away destination and will take time before coming back??
  • If I do something wrong in public how will you feel and how will you handle the situation??
  • What are we going to be called as pet names?? Examples could be darling, dear, Baby and so on…
  • Where do you like to spend your vacations??

We have enumerate the 100 questions you should ask your partner if you want to be in a relationship or already in one, with these questions been asked and a sincere answer given you have solidly but a good foundation for your relationship or married life.

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