10 Types Of Women That Self-sabotage Their Relationships Unknowingly

Types of women that self-sabotage their relationship unknowingly

What Are The Characters Of Women That Self-sabotage Their Relationship

Types Of Women That Self-sabotage Their Relationships Unknowingly

What Is Self- Sabotaged: These are ways or actions we take that prevents us from achieving certain goals we ought to. This is not a good habit because it can affect almost all areas of our life which include but not limited to relationship, career, education, and many more. In simple terms, self-sabotage means things we do that limit us from achieving certain things. So if we have to bring the meaning into this article as it relates to our topic “Types Of Women That Unknowingly Self-Sabotage All Of Their Relationships” we would say these are kind of women who actively destroys their relationship through words and actions . 

There are certain things women do that feel pleasant to them but in the men’s world it’s actually a very irritating stuff, but genuinely these women don’t feel they are wrong in performing such acts. There are different kinds of women out there that a man needs to be aware of, in this context we shall be talking about several women with these behaviors that the men feel irritating about.

One thing we should take into consideration is that a person can’t change his or her attitude without first acknowledging that such character is irritating. These women can’t actually change their habits, they don’t know such habits are very wrong, but according to the male ones it’s very wrong, in this way they tend to sabotage their relationship.

Of a truth, there is no perfect person in the world, in as much as the women have their ugly sides, the men do too. Dating and Relationship is not a one-sided thing, it has to involve both parties, but as a woman you can only change what you are capable of changing, if you really want to make your relationship work the first step begins with changing you but if you feel been you is good enough, then go ahead.

According to our topic, this article will be centered on the women or girls out there, by giving tips on how to better their relationship, so who are those women that self-sabotage their relationship, check now and see if you fall into any of these categories.

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Kinds of women that self-sabotage their relationship unknowingly

1. The One Who Acts: These are the kind of women who only like or do what their men like or do, they actually don’t have their perspective about a thing, even if they do they feel it’s not good enough for their man. Men actually don’t like this kind of women, in as much as men like to control, they also like women who express themselves in one way or another through words or actions or even both. As a woman if you feel this kind of behavior is good for your man, study him well and be certain he really likes it otherwise you might sabotage the relationship.

2. The “I don’t care” type: These are women who feel too self-important and care less of their man. These kind of women place so much attention on themselves and never care to place much relevance on their man even when they call for it. It is a good thing to be independent and place value on yourself, but when it becomes too much then it will definitely lead to a break in relationship if not taken care of. You might actually think this behavior is normal but your man feels so much importance in it. I must really say this is a selfish act which you should try to change, in this kind of relationship it’s only one person(man) who will sacrifice alot to make sure the relationship works but truly it can’t be done by one person alone.

3. The “Give to Get” type: In as much as you want to be faithful and pleasing to your partner, you should never act like you are of no value to him by having the feeling you are always subjected to him. In every relationship love should be a solid foundation and where none is found please I suggest you make it work. In actual sense, what I am trying to say is, you shouldn’t be the kind of person who does something first before he reciprocates and when you don’t do anything, he too don’t act like you are there. 

In this act, it only feels you are not valuable to him and only when you show your affection, love, or by giving gifts or whatever that makes you feel appreciated, No, it’s a wrong perspective about yourself and needs to be change, you might think you are only trying to protect your relationship but you are actually sabotaging your relationship.

4. The “Am Not Interested” type: These are type of women whose main focus is on themselves and the things they are interested in and not what others feel or think. They are the busy types who actually are not interested in a relationship at first but forcing them into it will definitely be of no interest to them rather they become less concerned about everything in the relationship. These kinds of people might feel there is nothing wrong with what they are doing, but on the other hand, the men do not like these at all, and they feel unbearable when they actually find themselves with such kind of woman. See Also: What Are The Ways to Know If You Are A Wife Material

Well, if you feel you might fall into this category, here are signs to show you are the “Not Interested” type of person

. This kind of people need a relationship but do not create time for it.

. You are the type of person that procrastinates. You will say you will do something at a fixed date set by you but that day never comes.

. You list of work to do never ends, before you accomplish them more are added, so, you are always occupied.

. When you talk about improving yourself but you never do, same to-do task always comes up everytime.

These kinds of people needs self development, your to-do list should be arranged in a way you will have time for yourself, time to socialize and try to be a good woman. Dating for these kinds of people can be a little difficult so firstly, you should learn to love yourself, this will make you realize the things you actually need which will likely open your mind to Relationship affairs.

5. The materialistic: These type of people are after the wealth and status of others, they generally don’t think they should date someone who is not wealthy as much as they are, peradventure if these kind of people fall into a relationship they will never be satisfied and this will make them to always have a weird feeling. The man may be willing to sacrifice everything for them but because of these lust over material things they will never be willing to be submissive in the relationship. In actual sense of it, in the lust over material things, you are actually self-sabotaging your relationship unknowingly.

This kind of people take themselves so high to an extreme standard that they see no one above them, they actually never care how the man live their life, they just want the man to meet their needs. See Also: Several ways to prevent divorce and save marriage

6. “Past Love“: These type of people dwell so much on past relationships where they still have feelings for their previous partner. This really won’t work well for you, I must say, you will be sabotaging your relationship and making your man feel worried and uncomfortable in the relationship.

7. The Judge: If you are the kind of person that always want to make your partner feel less important by consistently judging him, you might actually be sabotaging your relationship knowingly or unknowingly. This kind of women want their man to love what they love and hate what they hate.

8. The Obsessed ones: These type of women over analyze and pay attention to every little detail in the relationship. When you do this often, there are times when you get obsessed and feel very upset about just everything that has to do with it, which is not a good method to practice because most men don’t like the nosy type of women who don’t let certain things go, if you continually do this you might sabotage your relationship.

9. The Jealous ones: the act of jealousy alone is enough to sabotage your relationship, and this will make you feel insecure.

10. The fear of Intimacy: These type of women are afraid of loosing their relationship, so they think been intimate with their Partner makes them feel safe, but when you have this kind of mindset the act of intimacy becomes too much. Intimacy is very good in every relationship but when is too much your partner will no longer feel comfortable, as a matter of fact you begin to lose value.

So far, we have been able to see ways by which women can self-sabotage their relationship. Are you in any of these categories, take caution, and self develop yourself to become a better person.

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