10 Great Tips On How To Make People Like You Instantly

10 ways to make people like ypou instantly

People Will Like You Instantly If You Follow These Tips

A good lifestyle will attract people to you but a bad one will leave you open to hate. Everyone wants to be loved but how do you attract love from people, its just a simple way “good character”.

10 ways to make people like ypou instantly

Several people go through depression because of certain things happening around them but do you also know that some people go through depression for lack of friends, yes, you heard me right, people around you are what spice up your life that’s why you should be careful of the kind of people to flock around with. The good ones will influence you positively while the bad ones will influence you negatively but because we want to be loved we accept whoever show us love wether is fake or not.

I don’t so much blame people who fall into Manipulative people, they have been blinded by the activities of a manipulator, that’s why I would want you to know the signs of a manipulative person, so that you will be able to recognise one.

There are what we call love at first sight and gradual process of love, some people have this gift, should I say it’s luck, that when people see them the first time they instantly fall in love with them, while some other have to beg to be loved. Well, in this article we would be talking on how to make people like you the very moment they see you, yes, it’s possible, so read on…

Few years back, being liked by someone is classified as a primitive idealogy. But today, we all go after what we want from whoever but being a person people like is a great advantage to your personal life, career, relationship and whatever, it gives you an edge over others in certain things.

In relationships, likeability is very important, before you go into a relationship with someone, he or she has to first like you then it moves on to getting to know you. As a matter of fact, likeability is the first impression of any successful relationship, because they tend to determine if you are worth spending their time and resources with. A person who goes into a relationship with you without first liking you have a selfish interest at heart.

You might want to say what about online dating or long distance relationship, okay fine, you must have sent each other pictures or video calls before you decide to give that person a chance in your life and after few pictures and video calls the person can still decide not to like you. There are people who have done everything to make someone like them, some even go as far as changing their looks but still yet everything remained the same, but never to worry, there is a solution to making people like you instantly but take note first impression matters alot.

Here Are The 10 Great Tips To Make People Like You Instantly

1. Body language speaks alot: As we all know your attitude towards a person matters alot, you should ensure you create a positive first impression, this could go a long way in determining the kind of attitude the person will show to you. If you are the reserved kind of person who doesn’t flow with people, you should cultivate the habit of interacting with people. There are certain people who feel awkward and shy when they meet people for the first time, if you fall into this category you should try as much as possible to create a friendly body language that will attract people to you.

When you see a person for the first time, create a positive impression with any part of your body, the quality of interaction is determined by your response at first instance. Meeting people for the first time can make you curious, inquiring or unbalance but you just have to first be yourself and try to gain confidence. If in the case of whereby you meet people unexpectedly, you should set standards to follow to help you have a nice conversation on first meeting, because that can make people love you at first instant or not.

2. Initiate The First Gestures: For someone who is shy or have a low self esteem may find it difficult to show the first gesture. It can be very difficult to look people eyeball to eyeball, but when you do you create so much confidence, if you initiate an eye contact, it should not be do obvious to make the person feel uncomfortable, when you perfect this, then you are good to go, with this attitude, you begin to have charisma.

3. Be A Funny Person: People love to hangout with funny people, as a matter of fact when you are funny you attract lots of people to you. So naturally, people will like you for what you are. In this case you don’t have to stress yourself of trying to impress somebody with gestures, you attract likes easily. Trying to be funny to impress people should be done moderately so you don’t look stupid before them, you might be carried away by the likeness or attention shown to you and you begin to misbehave or act stupidly.

4. Be Positive in speaking: A negative talk will always attract negative people to you, but the ability to speak sensibly makes you a mentor and a loveable able person. People will like you for the kind of positive things you say for example, when you meet a depressed person or someone going through some challenges in life, the manner in which you speak to such person will determine if he or she will like you or not.

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5. Put On A Smiling Face: When you smile on meeting a person, you create a positive impression and give the person a sense of belonging and acceptance. When you smile the person will likely smile back but if the person doesn’t smile there could still be a way you have created a good impression on the mind of such person, it will send a message that you are sincere, trustworthy and humble which will in return make the person to have a likeable feeling for you.

On my experience, I travelled to a far away community where I knew nobody, I had to carryout an assignment in that community for a period of 1-2 weeks, on getting there I lodge in an hotel and the following morning I had to carry out the task I came for. When I met the person who is to introduced me to where I would work, I observed he was putting on a fearful ways, as a polite man, I greeted him and he sluggishly answered, within me I was wondering what would have made this man to create a bad first impression towards me, I began to feel I wasn’t welcomed, but later I observed that’s how he was naturally.

10 ways to make people like ypou instantly

So I began to smile with him, talk to him and we became good friends. The people around were so surprised to see the man laugh and talk with me, till today , it’s nature change, he now talks and play with people. What am trying to say is that your approach can go along way to make people like you. If I wanted him to like me instantly, right from when we met the first time I would have smile and cajole him, but all the best.

6. Be Sensitive And Observe Body Language: Some people may give you some body signs of how they feel about you or the happenings around them, the ability for you to clearly understand makes you a genius before them. It is not everytime we talk, sometimes signs are also effective ways to communicate and when someone gives a sign about a particular thing of which you clearly understood, bey begin to like you for it.

7. Greetings matters alot: You should be a person who greets for people to like you, it could done by words or action let’s say a hand shake, an hello, hi, or if you know their names it will be lovely to mention with respect. So at the first meeting when you say hello Mr Franklin Nath with a hand shake and a smiling face, you have placed yourself in the path where the person will like you instantly.

8. Be a good listener: Most people like to express themselves, after creating a good first impression, the next step is to maintain a good listening skills, you should never be too confident that you do not give the person a chance to speak. When you give people the chance to speak and when it’s time for you to speak, if you also speak well, it will make the person have interest in you and he/she would want to be close to you, a good conversation goes a long way in determining if a person will like you or not. Note that this could happen in few minutes.

9. Be Attractive: When you look attractive you draw attention. You will be loved by so many people when you are always neat and descent. When you meet someone for the first time, what attracts them to you is your appearance, when you don’t look too good you will create a bad impression.

10. Be a Good Converser: When you go into conversation with a person, they try to get some few meaningful points from everything you have to say to them, if you make good points they will like you for that. So you try as much as possible to be a good conveser because you will be creating a good impression on people.

Having discuss vividly on 10 ways to make people like you instantly, you would observe that these tips are centered on people who think people don’t like them and what they could do to come out of such situation. Practice this step continually and one day you will become perfect, as a matter of fact you become a person who has lots of charisma. You begin to enjoy the benefits of people liking you in every area of your life.

Do you need a counselor to ensure you follow these process or you need a counselor to help you with your daily life, why not contact me through the contact page and let me help you.

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There are people who have done everything to make someone like them, some even go as far as changing their looks but still yet everything remained the same, but never to worry, there is a solution...
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